8 April 2016 | Team Tamar

5 reasons Video Content is Great For SEO

Digital video content has been gracing our desktop, laptop and mobile screens for many years now and has recently been increasing to the point where people now spend more time watching it than they spend on social media. This has all come at the same time as the rise of live streaming apps such as Periscope and as marketers set more budget aside for video content creation than they were before. Video content is clearly an important medium to tap in to, but are SEOs giving it enough attention. We’ve taken a look at five reasons why video content is great for SEO.

#1 It helps you rank in the second largest Search Engine to Google

That’s right! Google may still be the most popular search engine in the world but YouTube is the second largest with a reported 3 billion+ searches every month. This is due to the wealth of content available on the platform. In 2015, it was announced that over 400 hours of content is uploaded every minute on YouTube. Similar to Google, creating engaging, valuable and optimised content can help you get seen.

#2 It encourages Social Sharing

There is still some debate as to the role of social media signals in Google’s search algorithm but one thing is for sure – if you are getting links pointing towards your page that is a positive thing. Having entertaining or informative video content on your website can help your brand get shared and reposted across various social media platforms. This in turn can be very helpful if you are trying to increase traffic to a page/site. It also allows you to generate more brand awareness as video can give you greater creative possibilities.


#3 It helps you Rank on Google

Video is also very useful for regular Google SERPs. By creating engaging video content that answers questions or gives information to people who need it you can find yourself on page one. For certain search queries Google now displays video in the results if it is deemed valuable. This is another great reason to get one up on your competitors and make sure your titles, tags and descriptions are all optimised to get a better chance of ranking.

#4 It creates Backlinks

Inserting links within your description in YouTube is a great way to send traffic to your site. Although Google will not pass on link value from these links, if users are finding your video a link in the description increases the chances of them carrying on to your website.


#5 It converts your customers 

Having video content on your website can help sell. Whether it is a service or product, an entertaining and informative video can be the difference between someone purchasing or leaving. Many websites have started to embed specific product videos in to their websites pages as an extra way to engage with customers.

These are just some of the important reasons you need to start thinking about video content for SEO. As it becomes more popular and more shared we could see Google place more weight on well optimised and engaging  video content so make sure your site is making the most of it.

Team Tamar