22 April 2016 | Team Tamar

4 Benefits of Snapchat for Brands

It’s been over four years since Snapchat was released, with the simple function of sharing photos with friends that would disappear after ten seconds. Brands didn’t pay much attention in these early days as the potential to reach users was relatively small.

Now, with an increased user base and new features, brands are starting to use Snapchat more frequently, some with great results. We take a look at some of the things that Snapchat can offer brands.

#1 100 Million Users

Although not as many as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, Snapchat is still rumoured to have over 100 million daily active users. This is a huge user base for brands to be able to tap in to and provides a great opportunity for exposure. In 2015, Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti, said Snapchat views make up 21% of his company’s total traffic, exemplifying the potential Snapchat has.


#2 Stories

When Snapchat released the Stories feature, it became possible for brands to connect with their audience. By creating a story, brands can produce photo and video content for their Snapchat following. The fact that stories are only accessible for 24 hours can create an ‘exclusive’ feel to that content too.

#3 Discover

The introduction of the Discover feature in 2015 allowed for new publisher brand partnerships with Snapchat. There are currently 18 very highly contested spots on Discover but being in these spots give you a prime position on the app. Whilst these brands can create their own unique content, some will also create ads for other companies on their Discover channels.

#4 Paid Ads

In the likely event that a brand is unable to obtain a Discover spot, there are other paid advertising opportunities available. There is potential within Discover itself to partner with the brands there to produce bespoke Snapchat content. This can come at a high price but can provide great exposure. Sponsored geofilters are another paid option: Geofilters allow brands to create their own custom filters available at specific locations. McDonalds were one of the first to try this with a custom filter available when at their restaurants.

With larger brands starting to put money into Snapchat advertising it’s clear that it is on the rise. The vertical screen allows for something slightly different when creating content as well as the feeling of exclusivity. Although a lot of this advertising is highly competitive and highly priced, there are still great opportunities for smaller brands to create unique content and engage with users.

Image source: AdamPrzezdziek

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