15 April 2016 | admin

3 Reasons why SEOs hate Developers

The relationship between SEOs and developers has always been quite fraught, with both parties arguing over what do on a website. The truth of the matter is we don’t always hate developers, just the ones that don’t know how to do their job properly and make our lives ten times more difficult. Here’s three reasons why they  sometimes make us tear our hair out;

1. Not listening to our advice

The performance of our SEO campaigns are directly impacted by how well a developer acts upon very specific requests at a technical level. One issue developers really seem to struggle with is that not everything is interchangeable.

The perfect example of this is setting up redirects. There are several types out there and they all have a specific function. So the next time your developer sets up your 301 redirects as 302 redirects with the justification “they’re the same thing”, tell them to shut it and do what we say.

2. Killing websites and optimisation

We’ve already said that SEO and developers go hand in hand, so if developers fail at their job then no matter how hard an SEO tries the website won’t rank well. A website needs to work well in order to rank highly in SERPs.

A good example of this could be a site redesign or migration where a number of pages don’t load and show server errors, like a 500 internal server error. Google hates broken sites, so not only will the site lose rankings, but you’ll also lose a large amount of organic traffic.

3. ‘I can do that, SEO isn’t hard’

We hear this a lot. All developers at some stage say they can ‘do SEO’. Usually it means they have done a search on Google and found a definition of the phrase and think they can do it too.

SEO is complicated and it requires staying on top of industry-related news, as well as covering many different technical aspects that developers are not always aware of. Especially if they follow the path outlined in our first point.

Overall the relationship between SEOs and developers is a mix of love and hate. When we find a good developer to work with it’s like striking gold. But all hell is let loose when we end up having to fix developer’s mistakes rather than doing our actual job.