15 March 2016 | Team Tamar

The month in social: February

Another month has flown by on social with an array of events, from a ‘controversial’ Adidas campaign to the excitement of $5 Geofilters. Today we’re looking back at the five most talked-about social events and our view on their relevance to brands.

#1 Return of the GIF

Last month saw several social media platforms begin to integrate GIF functionality across them. Twitter announced GIF support with a dedicated GIF button, and Facebook saw the beginning of testing for GIF-functionality in Messenger and Chat. Even notorious dating app Tinder announced the integration of GIFs.


What’s our view? It’s becoming more and more important to be relevant and approachable, but still remain on message with your brand voice. GIFs help you become more approachable, especially if your target audience is millennials. Be wary of using them incorrectly, however, as this can earn their scorn.

#2 Facebook reactions

February saw the launch of the much anticipated Facebook reactions. We’ve all been asking for a dislike button for what seems like an eternity, and Facebook did one better. There’s now a choice of six different emojis that cover an array of popular emotions, from letting your friend know this post has angered you to expressing your heartfelt love for a post. You now can really express how you feel.

What’s our view? While Facebook reactions are great fun for letting your friends know exactly how you feel about what they had for dinner or where they’re going on holiday, for brands this update is even better. Reactions will allow brands to dig deeper into what their fans really think about a new item they are thinking of selling, or even an article they have posted.

#3 Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat really stepped up their game last month. It’s now easy and cheap for everyone to have their own Geofilter, long gone are the days where only the biggest events and brands had them – now any brand can be just as cool. These on-demand Geofilters allow anyone to upload their own custom Geofilter for as little as $5 and spread it as far as 5,000,00 square feet.


What’s our view? The launch of on-demand Geofilters has opened up a new revenue stream for Snapchat, with users much more likely to send multiple snaps if they have the option of more filters. This new feature could see Snapchat boom even more. And smaller brands could thrive from the use of the new on-demand Geofilters, enabling them to use Snapchat as their own marketing channel.

#4 Adidas did Valentines Day right

On Valentine’s Day, Instagram was taken over by a new Adidas campaign. A photo captioned “The love you take is equal to the love you make” showed Adidas supporting the LGBT community with a photo of a same-sex female couple’s legs and matching shoes. It gained a lot of attention, not all of it positive, which Adidas reacted to perfectly.

adidas_v-day Screen-Shot-2016-03-09-at-12.36.02

What’s our view? Everytime you release something to the online community, as a brand, you know that not everyone will love it. But if you believe in it, it’s important to own it. Adidas reacted perfectly to the ‘hate this’ campaign spun on Instagram and (almost) everyone loved them for it.

#5 Taco Bell use Snapchat to its full potential

By using Snapchat, Taco Bell managed to generate over 40,000 pre-orders for their brand new Quesalupa (a cheese-stuffed chalupa). Taco Bell ran its biggest ever Snapchat story in February to promote the launch of the new product, allowing people to pre-order the Quesalupa on the Taco Bell website. The lucky 40,000 could then pick it up in stores, two days before its release. Taco Bell hired seven influencers including band ‘Never Shout Never’ to help hype up the new release.


What’s our view? This campaign, and the new on-demand Geofilters, emphasises that brands need to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon if they’re not on it already. It’s the perfect tool to help market your brand to influencers and millennials, and 40,000 pre orders perfectly proves that point.

Team Tamar