30 March 2016 | Team Tamar

No, we won’t be turning on notifications for your Instagram posts

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you will have seen this picture – or some variation of it – over the past few days.


And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be getting more and more annoyed each time you see it – for three major reasons.

#1 It’s not true

Instagram did announce that they would be changing to an algorithmic feed earlier in March, something that their parent company – Facebook – is notorious for having.


But this feature is still in the early stages of testing, visible to only a handful of users around the world while Instagram tries to iron out the kinks.

Instagram themselves announced in a tweet that nothing is happening to our newsfeeds in the immediate future. 

But MASS HYSTERIA still ensued, as a tweet from Instagram apparently wasn’t enough to stop our feeds from being flooded with posts asking us to turn on notifications.


Which then became somewhat of a meme in itself.

#2 People don’t understand how algorithms work

This did prove to us that a lot of people aren’t really too sure on how an algorithm works, though. Instagram said they were going to reorder our newsfeeds – not remove people’s posts or hide them, which is what a lot of people thought would be happening.

Just to clarify: Instagram is changing your newsfeed so people’s posts that you regularly engage with (i.e. like and comment on) will be at the top of your feed. People who you don’t like will be at the bottom.

Some users understood this, and fought their hardest to try and fight back against the tidal wave of stupidity – but it seemed to be in vain.



#3 Notifications are annoying

The final reason that this Instagram fad is annoying – can you imagine getting a notification each time ANYONE you follow on Instagram posted?

It’d be buzzing every 5 seconds.


Your phone would be constantly be lit up like the fourth of July.

It pings and buzzes enough, thank you very much.

What have we learnt?

So what’s the take-home message from this whole fiasco? As with the majority of social media trends, it’s to do your research before you post.

Oh, and to unfollow the next person you see who posts one of those pictures. 📸📸📸

Team Tamar