24 March 2016 | Team Tamar

7 searches that ‘rise again’ around Easter

It’s approaching Easter time, a time when we all appreciate slightly different things – whether it’s the arrival of Spring, the copious amount of chocolate or remembering Jesus.

To keep things topical at Tamar Towers, we decided we’d look at searches that ‘rose again’ (we’re so sorry…) around this period. To do this, we used Google Trends – which gives an arbitrary score out of 100, with 100 being the most, to search volumes for a specific keyword. We looked at which keywords had a search volume of 100 in the week of Easter

We looked at which keywords had a search volume of 100 on the week of Easter (NB Easter falls on different dates each year, so sometimes it will register the peak in March and sometimes in April.)

#1 Jesus

This is a no-brainer. Of course, we’re all searching for Jesus at the time when Jesus resurrected himself, both from the dead and in searches. Vintage Jesus.

#2 Rise again

This one follows on with our searches about Jesus. He rose again at Easter, and so did the number of searches for ‘rise again’. How very meta.

#3 Bunnies

When we think of Easter, we think of bunnies, chickens and little lambs hopping around in the Spring grass. So it’s no surprise that bunnies peak around Easter.

#4 Lamb

While we might think of those little lambs hopping around in the Spring grass, the cold hard truth is most of them will end up as Easter Sunday lunch – alongside some lovely rosemary potatoes. No wonder lamb peaks around Easter.

#5 Chocolate eggs

Chocolate eggs – the thing that those of us with a sweet tooth will most look forward to at Easter – is not a surprising entry in this list. Maybe we should look at the peaks in dentist-related searches the week after too…

#6 When does Lent end?

For all those who gave up chocolate for lent and are then desperate to know when they can get stuck into their Easter eggs…

#7 Hot cross buns

What says Easter more than eating a warm hot cross bun smothered in butter while you put your wellies on and go on an Easter egg hunt? Nothing. The answer is nothing.



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