2 March 2016 | Team Tamar

6 Ways To Build Links On A Budget

Link building is one of the most important aspects of a solid SEO campaign but it can be very time-intensive and budget-hungry to build the links you need from high authority sites. What if you don’t have the products to send out or simply can’t afford to give away precious stock? Here are six ways you can build links where the only ‘cost’ is your time.

1. Content
Creating engaging and valuable content is still one of the best ways to build links. The key to this is to make sure that it is valuable to the user. To do this you need to think about what your audience needs and what questions they are asking. If you can answer these questions then users are more likely to share and link to your content as a useful resource.

2. Write guest posts
Many bloggers within your industry will be open to you contributing posts on their blog. Guest posting allows you to link back to your own site whilst also reaching an audience who may be unaware of you. You can also target high authority blogs for your posts leaving you with a more valuable link and a chance of improving your domain authority.
LInk Building for SEO on a budget

3. Brand mentions
By tracking mentions of your brand online, you can spot great link opportunities. Any of these that don’t link back to your site can be turned in to a link by contacting the webmaster. Quite often they will add a link if you explain how this will benefit their users.

4. Create assets
Video, charts and graphs are all assets you can think about creating (infographics have recently been shown to produce poor results so we no longer recommend these). Any assets like this can be great ways to gain links. Displaying information visually often has a much greater impact than writing a long word-based blog piece, the information can be digested quickly and users are then keen to use them in their own blogs or to repost them.

SEO LInk Building on a budget

5. Submissions
Many of the best submission sites require a fee but there are still valuable free ones to be found. It’s important to target ones that link to similar industry sites as yours and are not just designed for SEO purposes. These niche directories can still have a beneficial effect.

6. Profile creations
Creating business profiles on relevant sites can be great for local SEO. You can provide information about your company as well as any addresses or other contact information. Many of the websites on which you can create profiles will only allow ‘nofollow’ links and therefore will not pass on any direct SEO benefit. You can still gain traffic from these links though as people click through to your site.

By following these six simple techniques you can make a good start on gaining links to your site and even have the potential to gain some very valuable ones from high authority sites.

Team Tamar