21 March 2016 | Team Tamar

10 facts about Twitter at Ten

Twitter turns ten today and to mark it we’ve updated Tamar’s #digitalhistory infographic of the network…



… along with a round-up of ten top birthday facts;

The most retweeted tweet ever is still ‘If Bradley Had a Longer Arm’, Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar group selfie. It reached a million retweets within hours, and has now racked up well over 3 million RTs.

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44% of Twitter users have created an account, but have never tweeted.

Katy Perry has the most followed Twitter account with, at the time of writing, 84 million followers.

Over the years, Twitter has proved to be a valuable tool in helping to deal with emergencies. The Pew Research Center study found that Twitter was a critical lifeline when Hurricane Sandy devastated the US East Coast in 2012 with users sharing information and news online.

The first ever tweet on Twitter was ‘just setting up my twttr’ by @Jack on 21 March 2006.

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#JeSuisCharlie (trending after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in 2015) was widely thought to be the most used hashtag ever on Twitter, but it’s actually #followfriday.

The Twitterverse often doesn’t mirror sentiment in the ‘real world’. Research in the US in 2013 around major news events suggested that Twitter is both more liberal and overall more negative than public opinion.

Twitter was originally launched as Twttr and changed later to Twitter.

Despite Twitter’s well-publicised trolling and abuse problems, CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s never blocked anyone on Twitter.

Twitter has never made a profit. Last year it lost $521 million and it has accumulated losses of nearly $2.1 billion.

Our first ever tweet at @TamarUK

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