26 February 2016 | admin

Dolly Days – My Life At Tamar Towers #1


I’m Dolly, I’m a wire haired standard daschund (that means I’m a proper size, not one of those stupid handbag-sized sausage dogs). I’ve wanted to have a GoPro to record my adventures for ages and the team at Tamar finally got the hint. My first video is online here, but first a bit more about me.

I love going to my human’s office and helping out when I can, but more than that I absolutely love getting petted, stroked, cuddled and generally being treated like the diva that I am. I’m definitely a digital star, especially now that I’ve had my film début!

I’m very active outside the office which gives me the best excuse possible to lie around when I’m at Tamar Towers and have some serious power naps while everyone else is grafting! See how cute I am when I’m sleeping?


In my début video I say hi to everyone at the office, get some treats and go for a romp in the park. While I’m there I meet a friend of mine for a quick exchange of office gossip and I chase some birds. For some reason they really wind me up – all that flapping and flying is just weird isn’t it? I’d much rather have my paws on the ground.

I can be quite cheeky at times and my human tells me off, but I’m still pretty young (I’m two!) and I intend to make the most of being playful..still, I really don’t like being told off so I always try and make it up somehow. 😋

Make sure you watch my vid and share it, it would mean a lot to me. To say thank-you here’s a cute shot of me getting ready for the shoot!


Enjoy my video and see you next time! 🙂 🐶