19 February 2016 | Team Tamar

6 things SEOs hate about your site

Rather unshockingly, we SEOs spend a lot of time on websites and we run into the same mistakes over and over. The same old mistakes that make us increasingly angry. Here are six things we hate the most about your site;

#1 Unnecessary subfolders

Google has said time and time again that an easy to follow site structure is key to an SEO-optimised site. So having useless and unused subfolders, or worse – having no folders at all – drives us bonkers. Let’s delete that empty /content/ folder shall we?

#2 Flash!

Anyone who’s talked to an SEO will know that SEO and Flash do not mix. So when we see that your homepage is built entirely in Flash, we pull out our hair, grit our teeth and start to gather evidence to try and convince you to change it.

The only Flash we love is this guy…

flash! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

#3 Pop ups that never disappear

We spend a lot of time on clients’ sites, whether we’re looking around, testing things or just browsing. So when you have a pop-up that reappears on every page, it drives us a bit nuts.

#4 Infinite scrolling

Infinite scrolls are lovely, and we’re sure that your users love them, but we don’t. Believe us when we say they’re not SEO friendly. It’s not coming from us, it’s coming from the top we’re afraid.

You can keep your infinite scroll, just please add in paginated component pages too.

#5 Duplicate URLs

If you want to link to a page, use the direct URL of that page. What we don’t want to see is 8 different links that all lead to the same page, because that helps nobody. Least of all, us.

#6 No redirects

Redirects are the bane of our life because, more often than not, they’re either done half-arsed or not at all. When we say ‘implement a 301’ we mean use a 301 redirect on that page, to another page.


What we don’t mean is 302 redirect that page, or even worse, try and do some crazy botch job redirect because you think “it’s the same thing”. Because it’s not. Listen to our advice.

So, word of warning. Avoid these things, and you’ll keep us happy. 😅😅😅

Team Tamar

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