24 February 2016 | Team Tamar

4 reasons you need a blog for SEO

Whilst some people still consider SEO to be a dark art, most digital marketers are comfortable with the ins and outs of on and offsite optimisation. There are a wide variety of techniques at your disposal – and often just knowing where to start is the trickiest part.

Whilst optimising your website for ‘crawlability’ is one key factor, it’s just one of the many steps you need to look at – with content and links being two more crucial factors.

With that in mind, having a blog on your site can be a great way to tick several of these boxes. Let’s take a look at 4 of the main reasons you should have a blog on your site;

Man on tablet blog

#1 External linking

Getting people to link externally to your website can be tough – especially in some less exciting industries. But by having a blog on which you publish regular and shareable content, you should gain social shares and (hopefully) links from other blogs. Put simply: by writing engaging content that is suitable for your readers you increase your chances of getting external links.

Gaining regular, high-quality external links to your website or blog increases your domain authority and can help your offsite optimisation efforts.

#2 Fresh content

Having a blog is one of the first steps to good customer engagement, but fresh and regular content is the most important step. Producing good, relevant content on a regular basis that is both engaging and interesting will encourage customers to revisit your website – it makes it ‘sticky’.

Your blog posts may be seen on social media, or though an external website, and this will encourage a user to click though to your website and engage with the content, share the content and hopefully return to your site in the future.

#3 Keywords

Keyword usage throughout a website is extremely important when it comes to ranking. If you want to rank for a certain keyword it is imperative to use this keyword (and derivatives of it) throughout your website. However, there’s a very fine-line between keyword usage and spam – so you need to be careful, particularly on your landing pages.

This is where a blog comes into its own. Producing frequent content on your blog will allow you to continuously use a set of keywords, whilst giving you the opportunity to use them in new ways with your content. Blog content is also the perfect way to target long tail keyword traffic, and the frequent content will keep a user engaged whilst also helping you to rank for these chosen keywords.

#4 Internal linking

Getting a link to a specific page on your website from a reputable source can increase your chances of ranking for that page. Your blog allows you the flexibility to create internal links to individual (relevant) pages. When writing content on your blog it is important (and good practise) to include links to your existing pages – not just for SEO, but to improve the user experience. Writing content around your business allows you to do this with ease – you can link back to pages you want to rank whenever you like, helping to send positive signals to Google around certain key pages.

These are just 4 examples of the ways that a blog can add value to your SEO campaign – there are dozens more. If you’re looking to improve your SEO, you could do a lot worse than starting things off with a bit of blogging.

Team Tamar