4 January 2016 | Team Tamar

Dogs Of Digital

We don’t hide the fact we’re dog mad.  But, it seems we’re not the only ones, as last year we saw a huge boom in the number of famous pooches to grace our screens.

So to help us get through the January blues, we thought it would be a great idea to share our top 15 Dogs of Digital.

Narrowing it down to the top 15 was quite a struggle as there are so many cute canines online; so we rated each dog for creativity, personality, branding and popularity. We weren’t too scientific with this if we’re honest, they were purely subjective ratings based on being an office full of dog lovers. It’s a bit of January fun after all 😊

Dogs that scored highly in creativity showed, well, a creative aspect to their photos and social media. They were innovative and didn’t show the same shots, making sure they kept their content fresh and fun.

Personality was based on whether or not we got a feel for the personality of the dog through their photos. We all know how dogs can have big personalities, and we were looking for this to be reflected in their photos and videos.

Branding was based on how well the dogs had capitalised on their new found fame. Did they have a book, by any chance? Or a series of t-shirts? Those that did, scored highly.

Popularity was an easy one, as we ranked the dogs on how big their community sizes were across all the platforms, not only Instagram, but Twitter and Facebook too.

15: Boss the French Bulldog


Creativity: 6/10, Branding: 3/10, Personality: 6/10, Popularity: 7/10
Total: 22/40 


Boss the French Bull dog is one of the coolest and most laid back dogs in digital. He spends a lot of time outdoors, exploring Stockholm and sharing it with us.

14: Trotter Pup


Creativity: 7/10, Branding: 1/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 7/10
Total: 23/40 

Trotter pup is one of the most stylish dogs you will see; she probably has a bigger and more on trend wardrobe than you. A great follow if you are in need of some fashion inspiration.

13: Rambo the Puppy


Creativity: 5/10, Branding: 3/10, Personality: 7/10, Popularity: 8/10
Total: 23/40 

Rambo is one laid back, lazy pup! He spends most of his time in a onesie, watching Netflix. We love seeing Rambo’s cute smile.

12: Norbert the Dog


Creativity: 2/10, Branding: 8/10, Personality: 6/10, Popularity: 9/10
Total: 25/40 

Norbert is quite possibly one of the smallest, fluffiest and cutest dogs we have seen. We love his cheeky smirk and his wardrobe. Norbert is the perfect dog to cheer you up on a rainy January day!

11: Sir Charles Barkley


Creativity: 5/10, Branding: 4/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 8/10
Total: 25/40 

Sir Charles Barkley is a French Bulldog often seen lounging around at home, as well as partaking in sporting events and even trick or treating in the holiday season. We love how out going he is

10: Toast Meets World


Creativity: 5/10, Branding: 10/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 9/10
Total: 32/40 

Toast was adopted by his internet famous dad The Fat Jewish, he now lives a great life sleeping, eating and exploring New York and occasionally meeting up with other famous dogs of digital.

9: Tuna Melts My Heart


Creativity: 5/10, Branding: 10/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 9/10
Total: 32/40 

We love Tuna because that over bite just makes us smile every time! Tuna is a fun-loving Chiweenie who has over 1.6million Instagram followers. We love keeping up to date with his super cute merchandise.

8: Marnie the Dog


Creativity: 4/10, Branding:10/10, Personality: 9/10, Popularity: 10/10
Total: 33/40 

Who can’t love Marnie the dog; she is a 13 year old Shih Tzu who loves dressing up and staying at home. Marnie is making her way up the celebrity A-list ladder, she shares a few snaps with her famous friends on Instagram.

7: Manny the Frenchie


Creativity: 4/10, Branding: 9/10, Personality: 10/10, Popularity: 10/10
Total: 33/40 

Manny is probably the kindest French Bulldog you will come across, he loves to make new friends and gives back to charity, which is why we love him so much! It’s also hard not to fall in love with his cute little face.

6: Find Momo


Creativity: 10/10, Branding: 8/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 9/10
Total: 35

Find Momo is a series started by owner Andrew Knapp and we love the creativity. The high quality images show Momo hiding in various locations. We love how obedient Momo is, letting Andrew capture amazing image after image.

5: Crusoe Dachshund


Creativity: 8/10, Branding: 10/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 9/10
Total: 35/40 

Crusoe the Dachshund really is making his way around the world, the celebrity Dachshund has been seen on Good Morning America and has his own book and book tour. We can see why he is so successful; just look at all those costumes.

4: Menswear Dog


Creativity: 10/10, Branding: 10/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 8/10
Total: 36/40 

Menswear dog may be the most stylish dog in digital. His fashionable creativity makes him stand out amongst his famous canine friends. We love the variety he puts into all of his outfits.


3: This Wild Idea


Creativity: 10/10, Branding: 9/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 9/10
Total: 36/40 

This Wild Idea is one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts you will see. The beautiful high quality images show his dog Maddie in the most amazing locations. We love that every photo is so different. Maddie lives an adventurous, crazy life.

2: Rafael Mantesso


Creativity: 10/10, Branding: 10/10, Personality: 9/10, Popularity: 8/10
Total: 37/40 

Rafael has the most wonderfully creative Instagram account with his bull dog Jimmy. Each photo is completely different with Jimmy posing with an illustration. We love how different and creative every photo is, and we are so jealous of Jimmy’s collaboration with Jimmy Choo!

1: Doug The Pug


Creativity: 10/10, Branding: 9/10, Personality: 8/10, Popularity: 10/10
Total: 37/40 

Doug is the most famous Pug on Instagram, and we can see why. Every photo of Doug is different. We love how all of his costumes are so different. But most of all we love how fun he is, we love his TV recreation videos.

Team Tamar