3 December 2015 | Team Tamar

#SEOHoHo: Where Can I Learn SEO?

It’s the season of giving, so we’re giving away (see what we did there..?) some SEO knowledge to bloggers who need it. First up is Joseph Mastropiero, who blogs at JustAnotherDad. He said

“I know nothing about SEO –  if I want to learn, where’s the best place to start?”


We’ve got you covered Joseph and remember, if you’ve got an SEO question – email us or tweet us @TamarUK.

Where can I learn SEO?

SEO is an art based on a science that we are unfortunately not privy to. By this I am, of course, talking about search engine algorithms and workings. It would be a lot easier if we knew exactly how Google worked and how we could best use it to our advantage. Maybe that is part of the fun though and why there is always more to learn.

With this in mind, starting out in SEO can be daunting as a vast array of information, misinformation and contrasting opinion is presented to you wherever you look.  Fortunately, we have some recommendations that should help you in your quest for knowledge and hopefully develop your theoretical and practical skills.

First things first

Although you don’t need to know how to code an entire website from scratch, understanding the basics of HTML and CSS will benefit you a great deal. Websites like HTML Dog and W3Schools have great resources for beginners and you can learn enough to get you by very quickly.

Another important thing to understand at the beginning is about search engines themselves. People are often eager to get straight to the hands on stuff but knowing the basics of how a search engine works will give you a broader understanding. Check out Google’s great interactive infographic to get an idea of the basics.

What’s next?

Now we’re ready to about how SEO itself works and there are some great guides to get you started.

Moz have a useful beginner’s guide to SEO that explains all of the main areas including keyword research, links, content and common myths. They also have a guide dedicated to link building that is free.

Google have provided their own webmaster guidelines and these can really help you understand how their search engine looks at websites and how SEO comes in to play.

Is there more?

Of course there is! Once you have read the previous guides to get your head around the basics there are endless articles, guides, videos and more to help you improve. There are some great blogs including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and the Moz Blog which all post good articles with up to date changes in the world of search.

You should also follow some of the industry leaders themselves. John Mueller, Avinash Kaushik, Rand Fishkin and, although he is currently off the radar, Matt Cutts sometimes dishes out useful information. These guys often give useful updates and insight on all things SEO.

We tweet useful roundups of industry related news, so you can always follow us @TamarUK.

Anything else?

As mentioned before, there are a lot of resources to learn from and putting your newfound skills in to practice is the best way to discover what works. Research SEO techniques, find out more about analytics and keep your finger on the digital pulse. This will give you a current and well-rounded knowledge that is essential to learn.


Team Tamar