18 December 2015 | Team Tamar

SEOHoHo: How do I improve my domain authority?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get from bloggers. But to understand how to raise it, first we must understand what domain authority even measures.

What is domain authority?

If you’re not sure what domain authority is, it’s a third-party metric created by Moz that is supposed to reflect the quality of your blog. It runs on a metric scale, 1-100, with 1 being a poor blog and 100 being the best. Obtaining a domain authority of anything over 90 is nigh-on-impossible. Google itself only has a domain authority of 95.

How is domain authority used?

Domain authority is commonly used by SEOs to measure the effectiveness of a blog. Blogs with high DAs are likely to post regularly, have high traffic and rank well in SERPs. Therefore many outreach projects will look for blogs that have high DAs as one of their factors, combined with other things like good social following and quality content.

So how can I improve my domain authority?

Domain authority is influenced by a variety of factors, such as domain age. However, it is mainly determined by your link profile, and can therefore be improved in two simple steps:

Gaining good links

Good links can be split into two categories as well; internal and external. Internal links are links that come from the same domain as the blog. Creating a strong internal link profile is what separates good blogs from the best blogs.

Removing bad links

At first it may seem like having hundreds of links, no matter where they’re from, is a good idea. However, these low-quality, spammy links are actually doing more harm than good and disavowing or removing them is often the best step. Many webmasters will wait until they have been hit with a penalty, or an algorithm update has affected their rankings before they start to remove bad links – but a regularly cleaned link profile is key.

So, that’s it?

Kind of. Remember that domain authority is something that builds over time. Don’t expect to see any massive increases soon. Instead, focus on delivering good content that your readers want to engage with and link to. So be patient, it’ll improve over time.

Team Tamar