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6 Tips for a Great Black Friday Landing Page

Black Friday was originally a US-only phenomenon, taking place as it does on the Friday after Thanksgiving. In recent years, it has also been adopted in the UK and other countries around the world. Black Friday has turned into a virtually unstoppable media event with a great deal of importance given to the build-up itself.

In 2014 the numbers that Black Friday produced were astonishing; with approximately 2.4m searches being performed, involving over 1000 unique search terms and a total of £810m being spent online by the British public. This translated to a massive 6.4% of yearly revenue for retailers in the UK.

Data trends for black friday 2014


How will Black Friday in 2015 stand up to the previous year?

This year it falls on the 27th November and an estimated 3.6 to 4.8m searches will be performed showing an overall growth of this wide spread phenomenon of 1.5-2 times. Leaving the calculations to forecast an even higher revenue.

What 2015 Black Friday is excpected to produce


This trend from overseas is leaving an opportunity for businesses this side of the pond, and SEO is what can really help get those gains.

As SEO experts, we like to follow a few simple steps.

Create a dedicated landing page

These pages need to be prepared correctly and can give SEO value to your site all year round, so don’t kill them off after the holidays, keep them going and constantly update them.

Ensure the content is rich

Make sure these landing pages are relevant and content rich. Maximising the content on the page will give you the upper hand when it comes to beating your competitors.

Include a sign-up function

Chances are that if a user has landed on your page they are interested in what you offer. This is a great opportunity for you to collect consumers’ email addresses and send offers and discounts throughout the year.

Don’t hide the landing page

A mistake retailers make sometimes is to ‘hide’ these pages, almost as if they were a standalone mini site. Link to the page from your home page and allow users to find it naturally during navigation. Not only does this give good user experience it also transfers Page Rank value.

Keep the URL live

Maintain the same URL, so remember to keep it generic to the campaign for it to be considered an ‘evergreen’ page. The important aspect to keep in mind is to update it as the time goes by, so people who land on it can still find relevant information no matter when they see it.

Plan ahead of time

Finally yet importantly, get your deals out early. The press now follows this event as if it were some kind of global news trend and you can take advantage of this. Link to some exclusive anticipated deals that are particularly good, but remember to disable the ability to buy.

As you have read, there is more to Black Friday than simply cutting prices and watching people form queues in a less than orderly fashion outside the Walmarts of the world.

Crowds rushing into shops at dawn on Black Friday

Crowds rushing into shops at dawn on Black Friday

A good example of a landing page

Currys pc world black friday landing page


Curry’s PC World gives an example of great Black Friday SEO in the UK. The retail giant keeps this page live all year and offers a countdown widget on the page before the event.

Currys pc world black friday deals


To increase the relevancy during the year the page offers links to the ongoing sales and specials and plenty of information on how to get your products and avoid the crowds on what seems to be the busiest day for shopping of the year.

currys pc world black friday tips


Thanks to all the content on Curry’s dedicated Black Friday landing page, Google will consider it really relevant and rank it highly.

What about your business? Have you considered how to make the most of Black Friday through SEO?