5 October 2015 | Team Tamar

63% of bloggers turn down a sponsored post opportunity if it’s not relevant

BE A Better Blogger

During Social Media Week 2015, we hosted our BE A Better Blogger event, where we invited 250 bloggers to come down and we’d give them some handy tips on how to get noticed by agencies and brands. If you missed it, you can read a recap of our 10 tips to be a better blogger.

While we had a room full of bloggers, we thought we’d get their opinions on a couple of things. So we got them to fill out a survey for us, and we’ve summarised the results;

Reading other people’s blogs is very common amongst bloggers. Only 3% of those we asked said they didn’t read any other blogs. If you’re a blogger it’s important to stay up-to-date on what everyone else is doing, making sure you keep up with current trends. By reading other blogs, you’re also more likely to get inspiration and ideas, something that many bloggers complain about not having enough of.


95% of the bloggers we surveyed said they blog part-time or for a hobby. Yet they are still treated the same way as journalists – being invited to day-time events or being¬†expected to reply to personal emails during work hours. This is a key point for agencies and brands. Make sure you’re not expecting bloggers to reply instantly during the day, and keep your phone close by in the evening, just in case the bloggers you’re working with want to quickly drop you a line.

Only 7% of bloggers said they think that they “shouldn’t be paid” for product-related content, with the majority saying they’d like to, or should be, paid.¬†Although it seemed like the majority of those we surveyed wanted to make money – or at least get some freebies – from their blog, very few bloggers actually proactively approached brands. If brands want to work with bloggers, they could make it a lot easier for bloggers to contact them.

When we asked, bloggers revealed that the most common reason they turn down a paid or product-related opportunity is because it isn’t relevant to their blog. This is a key lesson for agencies, if you’re approaching a brand, make sure you check that the opportunity is relevant to the blog you’re approaching.




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