7 October 2015 | Team Tamar

Applying for a Graduate role in Digital Marketing?

We’ve been doing a shed load of interviews recently for Digital Marketing Internships and Graduates and it’s surprising how many candidates are applying for a role in digital, that don’t seem to actually be online.

Assuming you know the general rules of CV writing, such as keep things brief and relevant and make sure you’re not applying for a job a 3 hours commute away, then you’re a little of the way there, but there are a few differences when applying for a job in digital you need to consider.

Many employers won’t care about your 400 followers on Twitter or how many # you use on your Instagram posts – but we do. Make sure your digital footprint is easily accessible and if you haven’t got one, get one – I can’t speak for most employers, although it is becoming more commonplace – but if you’re applying for a job in digital, we will Google you.

1. Tweet

If you say you are passionate about Digital Marketing in your cover letter, then you need to show this online and include links to your social presence on your application. The very minimum requirement I’d say is an open Twitter account, it doesn’t matter if you’re tweeting about the Bake Off or the latest Google update, it demonstrates that you already like and use social, which is a necessity if it’s going to be your work life for the next few years.

Personally, I find it more interesting what you CHOOSE to do online, rather than what you had to as part of your education.

2. Research & read relevant blogs

My ideal cover letter would not be so much about you and your skills, leave this for your CV, but demonstrating your interest in the industry. I know it takes a bit more effort, but prove you’ve made the effort to look at our website or talk about what industry blogs you like reading.

Don’t wait to start your new job, to be told about digital marketing, it’s all out there already, so start researching now and you’ll be much better prepped for not only your interview but your new job.

3. Write a blog

This is more of a commitment than a Twitter account admittedly, but if you have a blog then you’re pretty much immediately interesting to us.

It shows that you can write content (a must have in digital marketing), have a passion for something and already have an awareness of how to promote your blog online, using social and SEO. It doesn’t’ have to be generating much traffic, it’s just good to see a level of commitment.

4. Want to work in fashion?

Digital Marketing for Fashion is hugely popular amongst the women I have interviewed, so you need to be competitive. The best candidates have fashion blogs, use great photography, are using Instagram, regularly doing short-term internships for fashion and know their worth. If you want to work in digital marketing for a fashion brand, and you don’t have a blog, you need to up your game.

5. Don’t be too formal

Agency life is not a board room. It’s surprising how many cover letters are incredibly wordy and written like you’ve swallowed a dictionary.

Obviously it’s good to be polite, but you can relax and talk sincerely about your interests from you, rather than what you think we want to hear.

So, go and quickly Google yourself or re-ignite your Twitter account – we’ll be checking.

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