8 October 2015 | Team Tamar

And the winner of the #GBBOFinal is…

great british bake off

Last night was the final of this series on the Great British Bake Off. This quintessential British TV grips the nation every week, and this series was no exception.

We all watched with baited breath as Paul and Mary examined their iced buns, moderated their mille-feuille and looked at the layers of their classic British cake.

Everyone’s favourite baker (in our office at least) Nadiya was crowned the victor of this series of Bake Off. But we wondered, what if it was based on social media instead?

So in classic Tamar style, we thought we’d look at who would win Bake Off if it was based on tweets. We decided to measure how many times each contestant had been mentioned by name, along with the hashtag #GBBOFinal.

In third place it’s Ian.

ian social score

We’re sorry mate, but your carrot cake wasn’t all that impressive – even if Paul did say it was the best one he’d ever tasted.

Ian was last place in social. There were only 5,842 tweets mentioning Ian, and he had a sentiment score of 77.  Turns out all those fancy bakes don’t translate into tweets. Who would’ve thought?

In second place: Tamal!

tamal social score

Everyone’s favourite anesthetist-slash-baker came up with an almost frightful array of baked goods, with flavours ranging from rose to cardamon (what is it with everyone this year and cardamon?)

Tamal racked up 8,732 tweets – 2,890 more than Ian – and his sentiment score was higher too, resting at 79.

And the winner is… Nadiya! (Again.)

nadiya social score

It’s safe to say that Nadiya won the hearts of the people; coming a long way from the nervous baker we saw in week 1 to become a Star Baker 3 times. Nadiya worked her way into our hearts with her overly expressive faces – so expressive that they have their own tumblr – and her daring flavours (bubblegum anyone?)

nadiya bubblegum gif

The Great British Bake Off Final saw Nadiya rack up an impressive 18,108 tweets, more than double what Tamal got, and more than Ian and Tamal got combined! Nadiya also had a sentiment score of 90, well above Ian and Tamal’s 77 & 79 respectively.

Congrats again Nadiya! You can and you will indeed. Now pass us the tissues, we’re crying all over again.

Team Tamar