16 September 2015 | Team Tamar

10 tips from Be A Better Blogger

BE A Better Blogger

In case you missed us talking about it (unlikely), we held our Be A Better Blogger event last night.

A big thank you to everyone who came down, especially Adam from Unite Student and Rachel from Handbags & Cupcakes, but if you couldn’t make the event last night, here’s a roundup of the take home messages from the event;


1. Promotion is everything

One tip is for every hour you spend on a blog post, spend 3 hours promoting it! The easiest way for brands and agencies to find bloggers is through social media, so make sure you are active. Brands and agencies will look for a few things; keywords, engagement and regular posting, so make sure you regularly share and promote your content.

2. Don’t worry that you don’t have loads of followers

You’re not Kim K or T Swift, so that doesn’t matter. Brands no longer want to interact with bloggers who have thousands and thousands of followers. They’d rather look at those that have between 1,000 – 5,000. They’ll be able to create a strong relationship with you while you’re still finding your feet, and you’re likely to appreciate this later when you are wildly successful.

3. Know your worth!

Now you know your value, time to capitalise on that. Don’t be scared to ask brands to get paid. Remember that you are helping them just as much as they are helping you. Blogger outreach is increasingly common for brands, so remember that while they have something to offer you, you also have something to offer them.

4. Keep your blog authentic

Don’t try and copy from other blogs, find and retain your voice. If you do get asked to review something, be upfront about it. Write about things you love and are passionate about, and this will come across in your content.

5. Make it easy to be contacted

This might seem like a simple tip, but it often is overlooked. If you mention that you are a blogger in your Twitter or Instagram bios, make sure you include a link to your blog. On your blog itself, make sure you have a contact email. It’s tough competition in the world of blogging, so if brands or agencies can’t find a contact email, they’ll just give up and move onto the next blog.

6. Be visual

Brands want to work with bloggers that will show off their products in a visual and engaging way. So practice taking photos,  use video and make your content as visual as you can.

7. Don’t be scared to approach brands

If you’re already writing a blog post about something you love, be it a product, service or even your favourite bar or restaurant, why not tweet them or reach out to them on Facebook? Most brands would be happy to give you a free trial in exchange for the free press. At the very least, they’ll share your blog post with their followers, increasing the traffic to your blog.

8. Guest post on your favourite blogs

Guest posting is a great way to not only create a good buzz about your blog to an audience you wouldn’t normally reach, but it’s also a great way to build links, and therefore SEO value, to your blog. Don’t be a spammer with this though. No-one likes spam, least of all Google.

9. Be timely and re-use your content

So you’ve written your blog post and you’ve tweeted about it. Now what? Sometimes a previous post may become more relevant a few months later, so tweet it again!  People may have missed the tweet or Facebook post the first time around, so this gives them a better chance to engage with and read your content.

10. Make your blog easy to navigate

In terms of SEO, Google loves an easy to navigate blog. Make your user interface is easy to use, as this will also help your readers. Ideally, you should be able to reach most of your pages within 2 links and use category links clearly.


Team Tamar