24 July 2015 | Team Tamar

5 things which happened in SEO this month

SEO is a very fast moving industry. With Google and other search engines constantly moving the goal posts, it’s essential for us to keep up with the latest news and stay ahead of the game. Here are 5 things which happened in SEO so far this month.

Panda 4.2

After 10 months wait, Google has rolled out yet another Panda update, number 42. As often, the content-focused update will take weeks if not month to show full impact, and is set to affect about 2-3% of English queries.

Panda 4.2 is a chance for formerly penalized sites to gradually recover their SEO visibility. And of course, we expect a few more domains to end up in the naughty corner.


Google explains TLDs 

John Mueller published a post on the Google Webmasters blog about how the search giant will handle new top level domain types, such as .london sites. As with the https update previously, there has been much speculation in the industry about how influential TLDs will become in Google’s algorithm.

Long story short though, specific domain types shouldn’t be favoured. This also includes keyword inclusion in TLD not getting favoured or disadvantaged in search results. However, location specific TLDs could play a part is geo-targetted searches. You can read the full blog post here.

Google hiring an SEO!

And naturally, the SEO industry is loving the irony. Google have announced they are looking for an SEO manager to boost organic presence for its services, including rankings on its own search engine! The job spec’ looks more like a that of a web developer with SEO knowledge, as computer science degrees among the favoured qualifications for the role, as well as 4 years experience in developing websites and apps.

Unsurprisingly, no link building knowledge is required. Fancy your chances? You can apply for the role here.

Searchmetrics changes

One of our favourite industry tool has had a big makeover. Whereas before data was broken down into different tabs, the summary aspect has been improved with most information available only a scroll away.

But the best added feature is certainly the inclusion of Google updates onto the main SEO visibility graph, which helps draw causal relationships between algorithm updates and major changes in SEO performance. Good job, guys!

tamar visibility

Russian right to be forgotten

While in western Europe the right to be forgotten debate is still very much alive, it seems Russia has come one step closer to passing it as law.

This month, the Russian parliament has approved a right to be forgotten legislation, which will allow the removal of information considered outdated or untrustworthy. If signed by President Putin, it will become law next year. Yandex, Russia’s most popular search engine, has previously objected to the idea on moral and practical grounds.

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