16 June 2015 | Team Tamar

Twenty Memories of Twenty Years


There have been awards, events, parties and successes, but one of the best parts of Tamar has always been the people, (the dogs), characters and the friendships made. So forgive us as we indulge in a few memories…

20. Henry’s Interview

Just over 10 years ago Henry (yes 10 years!) came for his first interview at Tamar, where Neil Jackson said to Tanya just before she was introduced “I’ve got a guy in here who is like nobody else you’ve ever met before…!”. We’d say it was an overstatement, but we’ve still not figured out WHO Henry is like to this day!

19. Stuart’s Camel Toe Costume

There have been multiple fancy dress parties at Tamar over the years. If we have learnt anything from these, it’s NOT to go shopping for a costume last-minute, or when drunk. Stuart’s “Camel Toe” stayed in the bag thankfully, with him opting to go for something a little less… career-defining!


Some of the more savoury costumes…

18. Aidan + Henry Pizza Match

When Aidan joined Tamar, it was an instant connection between the two SEO ‘bros’ – which was only confirmed by the fact that Henry ate the middle of his pizza first and then the crust, and Aidan ate the crust first and then the middle. The perfect match.

17. The Wine Tasting

In a bid to do more ‘grown up’ events. Nicky organised a wine tasting at a local place in Chiswick. The event got rather out of control, ended with a lot of sore heads in the morning and somebody throwing up over their shoes.

16. Jos Shaving Aidan’s Hair

A charity challenge for Tamar’s Lifeline Charity, Aidan decided to combat his already-receding hairline by going for the full-shave. I think somebody shaved his legs too… let’s just say there was a lot of shaving going on. Pity the poor cleaner who had to hoover the office that evening!

15. Alex’s Pasta Challenge

We hosted lunches one year to raise money for TLC. Salesman Alex made a HUGE amount of tuna pasta and charged £3 for a bowl. It was really dry and pretty horrible. So we all agreed to give him £3 each for it, but the challenge was for him to eat the whole bucket by the end of day. He was still at the office at 9pm, though nobody stuck around to check the final evidence!

14. Neilson’s Lunges

There was a party and karaoke… and lets just say there was lunging.


This was the night…

13. The ‘Royal’ Mail

Tanya had a lovely, Australian PA called Toni for a number of years, who was fresh off the boat from Oz. She thought for years that Tanya was receiving letters from the Queen, because she was getting letters from’ The Royal Mail’.

12. The Olympic Champions

In the follow-up to London 2012, we managed to bag some genuine Olympic gold medallists to talk to the assembled masses. Ok, so not strictly Tamar staff, but that event really was awesome and great kudos to Tanya for persuading them to come! And they got their medals out…


11. The ‘L’ Word

Tanya got the lovely Dolly and she is now a regular in the office, as we all marvelled as she just got longer… and longer… and longer. Just don’t mention that to Tanya, who seems worried that Dolly will eventually turn in to a draught-excluder!


There was measuring…

10. Liz’s Cakes

Not just her cakes, but Liz in general. We miss Liz to this day, but her cakes are the stuff of legend!


9. Nicky’s Leaving Do

Amongst many leaving dos, Nicky’s has to be the most memorable – or maybe not for some. This was the proud moment we actually got thrown out of the local pub. Well done Booth!


I think the second photo is probably where it started to go wrong…

8. Oli Bites

Potential new client walks into office while Sarah is holding Oli… “This is Oli, don’t…” Too late… Oli bites client and we’re thinking we probably won’t win this one. Ah, but we did!


He does, but we love him anyway…

7. Nicky + Dave

Tamar has seen many romances. But none is more memorable (or successful!) than when Nicky, met Dave. Yes, there have been a few (ahem) romances over the years, but we’re very happy to say that this one has lasted!

6. Viral Friday – Children Revisited

There were quite a few highlights from the Viral Friday’s, where we basically just had far too much fun, but I think the copying of our childhood photos was one of the more memorable…


5. Viral Friday – Album Covers Revisited

 … and album covers was another favourite.


4. The Lobster

On an Away Day in Barcelona, somebody famously ordered ‘the lobster’ in a rather expensive restaurant and when it turned up – it was enormous! Lobster for 20 anyone? The worst part was, nobody knew how expensive it was and one table ended up leaving theirs completely!


Robin looking pretty comfortable… 🙂

3. The Night of 20 Pints

When we first arrived in Cape Town for our CSR project, it’s fair to say we all got rather over excited and peaked rather early. There was drinking, lots of drinking, which resulted in someone being so drunk, they left their coat and phone at the club and then flooded their hotel bathroom in the morning.


Number 9 perhaps…

2. Oli’s Dirty Protest

We had a meeting with a client in the Hilton Hotel in Reading. Oli’s owner Helen was driving and had to persuade the hotel to allow her to bring the dog with her. During the meeting we heard a ‘OH GOD!’ as we all turned around to see Oli doing a bum-faced poo on the hotel carpet.

Nobody wants to see a photo of THAT!

1. Tanya’s Hair in Cape Town

There are many amazing memories from Cape Town, but Tanya’s hair in the rain, was definitely one of the ‘biggest’ surprises.


Here’s a couple of photos of us doing something a bit more productive…

Of course there has been a lot of hard work to get to the BIG 20, but it’s also been a LOT of fun! So a big thank you to all the people that have contributed to the good times.

Team Tamar