1 April 2015 | Team Tamar

Say Ello to Zayn Malik’s social network

zayn malik social network picture

Unless you spent last week hiding away in a cave, you’re probably aware that Zayn Malik has quit One Direction.  After being signed off for stress and leaving the band’s tour, it was announced the 22 year old would not return, and the band is set to continue as a 4.

Let’s face it, it’s unlikely to be the last you hear from Malik. One Direction are renowned for their passionate fans, who are particularly active on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. Indeed, each of the 1D boys as well as the band’s official Twitter account are among the top 60 most followed in the world. Now though, Zayn Malik is set to go solo not only with his singing career but online, as he plans to launch his own social network.

While the name hasn’t filtered yet, a spokesman for Malik has confirmed the news, stating that Malik wanted a ‘more intimate, personal platform on which to communicate with all his fans – the greatest fans (he) could ask for’. He added that whilst Malik would remain active on other platforms, his ‘primary focus’ in the coming months would be on the new network. He also hinted that Malik would make exclusive announcements on it.

According to the source, the network’s domain has already been purchased and the launch is planned for May this year. Interestingly, Zayn’s management have refused to comment on rumours of an existing social media site takeover. It is believed Malik may have bought Ello, the ad-free network which failed to live up to expectations, with plans for a makeover and reboot.

While little has been given away about specific features, it is understood fans will be able to ‘Zayn’ each other, although it is still unclear what this will actually entail. It is believed the platform will be modelled on Twitter, with ‘a pinch of Pinterest’ to it.

But that’s not all. Another source from Malik’s management confirmed that they would team up with tech giant Apple to promote the new site.  In order to celebrate the launch, Apple will hide 50 Apple Watches around London. Clues as to their locations will be given away on Zayn’s new social network only. As Apple recently launched in the smartwatch business, you can see the appeal of such collaboration for both parties.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Last summer multiple news stories reported about HiddenCash, a treasure hunt where 20 envelopes containing £100 each were hidden around London for people to find. Another similar story emerged just last week that hundreds of origami dogs made from £10 were scattered around the city from Insurance company Beagle Street.

The network is said to be pre-installed on all the hidden devices for the lucky 50 to try out before general release. It is unclear how Malik’s social network will look, and how original the concept will be. Plenty of questions remain unanswered, including how exclusive membership will be and what sort of content will be shared. However, with 14.5 million followers on his personal Twitter account alone, one can assume he will find a fair number of subscribers among Directioners.

Team Tamar