4 November 2014 | Team Tamar

Apprentice tips: how to improve your visibility on Youtube

Last week, The Apprentice’s task was all about creating viral Youtube content and driving views within a very short time frame of 48 hours. This year’s crew is arguably the worst cast ever assembled by the BBC (let’s face it, that triple firing was absolutely coming!).

Nonetheless, the broadcast provided some good insight on how to optimise video content for Youtube – though understandably simplified to fit the show’s format. So what should you do to improve your Youtube visibility? Here are some tips for our candidates..

Triple firing on the BBC's Apprentice

Keyword research

As with website content, the best way to ensure your videos are being watched is to produce stuff people are interested in. So before getting carried away by questionable ideas about daring to dine or bullying fat daddies, make sure you assess your market.

There are several ways to achieve this, such as carrying out a market research and ask people what they search for on video sites. You can also get a bit more quantitative, by executing a proper keyword research and evaluate how much traffic particular topics are likely to draw. This will help you rank both in Youtube and Google search results.

Text editing options

Another way to make your Youtube content more visible is to make the most of the text editing options, such as tags and descriptions. Indeed, writing a long video description can be a great way to make your content more visible.

Including popular phrases in your description can go a long way in generating traffic, whilst using the description as a text transcript of your video is a good, non-spammy looking way to achieve visibility.

Youtube logoIf your videos are hosted on your own channel, you should also make sure that’s properly optimised as well. Needless to say (or so you’d think), your video should have a title too..

Build a community around your channel

Another way to improve your content’s visibility is by building a community around it. For example, starting a Youtube channel and getting people to subscribe to it is a great way to build a reliable following for your videos.

Similarly, finding online communities where your videos may be relevant might be a great way to attract people for whom your content’s relevant – which increases your chances of getting social shares.

Promote on social

The main reason why team Summit won the task last week was because they chose to team up with a very popular social media influencer. social shares

As demonstrated on the show, a great way to improve the visibility of your videos is to share them on social platforms you’re heavily active and followed on, such as Twitter and Facebook. Since views have an impact on search rankings on Youtube, promoting on social media can bring great benefits.

High quality content

Finally, you should ensure your videos are of the best quality possible. Youtube wants to provide the best experience for viewers. One aspect of achieving this is obviously to provide relevant search results.

However, offering high quality videos is also an important part of Youtube’s algorithm. So whatever you put up, try and use good equipment to ensure your videos are in HD!

Team Tamar