6 October 2014 | Team Tamar

Tamar’s #DigitalHistory – The story of Instagram

Today marks the 4th birthday of one of the biggest social media success stories of recent years, Instagram. Yes – Instagram has been with us for 4 years (though it feels like more) and we’re celebrating this milestone by making it the focus of our latest #DigitalHistory infographic.

The Story of Instagram

Whatever your opinion of Instagram, it’s hard to deny that it’s made a massive impact on the way people share photos. With 200 million members as of this year, not to mention that massive price-tag which Facebook paid for the service, it’s clearly a very well established service which is close to a lot of our hearts.


Originally the preserve of hipsters and selfie-lovers, Instagram has grown to become a global community which often sits at the forefront of the news. From Kim and Kanye’s wedding photo to the recent conflict in the middle east, Instagram photo-journalism regularly crosses over into the mainstream media.

Taking us right up to the present day, the launch of Hyperlapse shows that Instagram didn’t take their foot off the gas when Facebook came knocking. And with the thirst for image-sharing showing no signs of abating, you’ve got to assume Instagram will remain at the forefront of photo sharing for a good while yet.

So settle down, pick yourself a trendy filter, snap a selfie and take a look at our ‘Story of Instagram’ infographic.

Team Tamar