1 October 2014 | Team Tamar

Improving mobile conversions: tips to get it right

To state that mobile traffic is growing into THE major source of online search would be stating the obvious. So would pointing out that mobile conversion rates still tend to be much lower than desktop.

With the use of smart phones, tablets and mobile apps now way past the stage of ‘emerging platforms’, it’s essential to make use of every good practice to help your site stand out among the competition. Here are some tips to help improve your conversions on mobile..

Mobile site

Firstly and most obviously, it’s important to ensure your site is mobile friendly. Online purchases are often impulsive and if your site isn’t optimised for mobile, chances are you’re putting off potential customers by asking them to constantly zoom in and out of a page.

By contrast, if your site’s an e-commerce platform whose users may actually need a zoom feature (for instance to look at small prints), you might want to be careful in how you design your site.

Mobile site optimisation

Incentive to press ‘buy’

As it stands, a lot of people are still more comfortable with desktop purchases than they are using mobile, with 40% of consumers citing lack of trust as the main reason not to buy via mobile.

Whether this is out of habit or because people are careful about giving information away on seemingly less secured platforms, you’ll need a good incentive to get people pressing ‘buy’.

One thing you can do to counter this is offer great discounts and deals on your mobile site. Ensure your offers are visibly displayed, for instance on your home page. You should see a noticeable improvement in your mobile sales.

Buy button on mobile

Gain user data

Another way to improve your mobile conversions is to use it as a platform to pick up valuable user data. While your visitors may not purchase items on their first visits, mobile is a great way to pick up details like email addresses, phone numbers or to people to subscribe to newsletters and receiving special offers.

In addition, a lot of people still use mobile to browse before purchasing on desktop. Hence, you can use mobile traffic data to analyse which segments of your site generate the most queries and adapt your digital strategy accordingly.

Simple forms

Finally, make sure you don’t lose customers on their way out. People often get fed up with how much information they need to fill up a form on desktop, and they tend to be even less patient on mobile.

Make sure your call-to action buttons are clear and visible,  and create forms which are easy and quick to fill up. Avoid using a purchase form which requires a lot of scrolling and link navigation. You can also use features like address lookup systems to speed up the sign up process.

Team Tamar