23 September 2014 | Team Tamar

The only way is Outreach – Social Media Week London

towio0This morning in Central London, Tamar held our annual ‘Social Media Week’ event as part of #SMWLDN. This year we took a look at the tricky world of influencer engagement – and we invited along a panel of experts on the topic to help us out: namely, some expert bloggers.

In preparation for the event (and to celebrate Social Media Week) we also commissioned a piece of research to look at how bloggers have experienced ‘engagement’ by brands and agencies – the results of which will be formally published this week – but we started off the event by taking a look at some of the responses. Here are a few highlights to keep you going in the meantime:

  • 86% of bloggers are part-timers, working a full job as well.
  • Bloggers get the most social engagement from Twitter (42%) and Facebook (34%)
  • 89% of bloggers would accept sponsored posts. The remaining 11% haven’t been approached yet!
  • 14% of part-time bloggers spend over 21 hrs per week blogging
  • Bloggers don’t have a preference between agency or brand but 65% say agencies did it better!

As we dove into the body of the event, we welcomed our bloggers to the stage. In attendance were:

towio4Robert McIntosh – Wine blogger at ‘Thirst for Wine

Lottie Pearce – Beauty blogger at ‘Love, Beauty and Spa

Christopher Paul Streeter – Parenting blogger at ‘Daddycamo

Chris Rothwell – Parenting blogger at ‘Twin Daddy

Christopher Ratcliff – Music blogger at ‘PopDin

Paulina Siedlecka – Beauty / Architecture blogger at ‘ThisGirlLovesChic

Ambrina Hasan – Beauty / Mummy blogger at ‘Beauty Passionista

Amongst the topics covered with the panel were:

    • Assessing the relationship between brands and agencies in influencer engagement – who does it better?
    • What approaches work for bloggers, and which ones just put them off?
    • Should bloggers be treated differently from ‘traditional’ journalists?


  • How should brands measure the effectiveness of the content created by bloggers – and whose responsibility is it to do the measuring?
  • Do bloggers compete with each other, or work collaboratively?
  • What is the best KPI for blog coverage – should it just be about the post?
  • How do charities fit in to the mix?


We’ll be posting some video from the panel over the next few days, alongside the report itself – so look out for those. In the meantime, take a look through some of the fantastic tweets about the event.

A massive thank you to everyone who came to the event, and in particular the fantastic bloggers who all provided their time for free.

Team Tamar