29 August 2014 | Team Tamar

Tamar’s #DigitalHistory – The Story of YouTube

Today we launch the latest infographic in our #DigitalHistory series – a series which has so far seen us illustrate the story of facebook and Google in two beautiful and in-depth infographics.

Having looked at two of the most famous names online, it makes perfect sense for YouTube to be the focus of our newest release. After all, over a billions users around the globe use the site every month – there are only a handful of sites who can boast numbers like that.


View the full infographic.

YouTube celebrated their 9th anniversary earlier in the year, and that’s not the only big number the site can boast. Here’s a few more jaw-droppers to start you off:

6,000,000,000 – the number of hours of video that are watched on the site each month. That’s almost an hour for every person on the planet!

100 hours per minute – the volume of video that is uploaded to the site.

1,650,000,000 – the amount Google paid to purchase the site back in 2006, when the site was barely a year old.

1,000,000,000 – the number of *unique* users who visit YouTube every month

1,000,000 – an estimate of the number of YouTube ‘creators’ who are earning money from their creations and videos.

2,073,065,892 – the number of views ‘Gangnam Style‘ has currently clocked up (at the time of writing)

4th – The position YouTube sits on the ‘Most visited in 2013’ list, just behind Google, Facebook and Yahoo!

These are just a few of the current milestones YouTube has hit – but it was a very different story back when they launched.

Take a look through our #DigitalHistory infographic and you can find out all about the journey the site took to get to this stage.

Team Tamar