11 August 2014 | Team Tamar

Pigeon update to help with local search results

Pigeon update

The latest Pigeon algorithm update released on the 24th of July, focuses on boosting your businesses local search rankings, rather than concentrating on penalising low-quality content, as with the previous algorithm updates.

Now, a business with a strong backlink profile and a high page authority will naturally fall on the first few results pages of Google when searched. The ultimate aim of this update is to ensure customers are provided with more relevant, useful and accurate local search results than ever before. The Pigeon update currently only affects US English results but is expected to be released in other countries and languages very soon.

Most importantly about this update, it will now give well known, major local directories, like Yelp a chance to gain more prominence in local search results, taking the pressure off them to always battle with Google places over locally listed businesses. Keeping this in mind, now is a great time for your organisation to start listing on local directories like Citylocal.co.uk, as well as continuing to have a presence in Google places.

Following the launch of this update, business directories that are specific to your industry are becoming increasingly important to ranking highly for your quick win, hero keyword/s. As far as SEO is concerned, this could mean carrying out citation building tasks on more specific and relevant local directories.

Furthermore, your organisation can take advantage of the local carousel results in the images segment of Google. This also contributes to achieving higher rankings within local search results, which usually appear alongside other businesses around that chosen area. Finally, placing an attractive image for your business, with your most up to date business details in your Google+ business profile, will again help achieve higher rankings.

Team Tamar