24 July 2014 | Team Tamar

The SocialGames continue – Commonwealth edition

commonwealth-scotsAs the Commonwealth Games kicks-off up in Glasgow today, the team at Tamar are once again taking a look at the social impact of the event, both on the sporting brands who surround the Games and the athletes themselves.

Just like we did during London 2012, Sochi 2014 and last month’s World Cup, we’re going to be tracking how the buzz surrounding the events has an impact on the competitors – with our Twitter based SocialGames league table.

Due to the enormous number of athletes taking part, we’ve decided to focus on the ‘Home Nations’ this time – with athletes from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales under the microscope.

Previous league tables have highlighted some interesting trends – and not just short-term ‘halo’ effects either.

One of the most interesting things to come out of this latest table will be seeing how some of the Team GB athletes have grown – this is the first post-2012 event where we’ll be “re-viewing” the same athletes (as you can see from the current Top 3).

Will the Commonwealth Games give them more exposure than the Olympics – particularly if they’re more successful this time round? We’re looking forward to finding out.


As well as the athletes, we’re continuing our year-long look at the Top 10 sporting brands in the UK, with our ‘TouchScore Sport‘ table. The latest update has just gone live, and once again we’ve seen some interesting movements…


  • Reebok have jumped up the table with a score increase of +10. This seems to mainly be down to a massive increase in their visibility as well as a much higher advocacy score.
  • asics have gained 5 points – they’ve been updating their social channels more regularly, their content is reaching a bigger audience and they seem to have gained more customer advocacy too.
  • Nike have dropped 3 points (pushing them down to second place in the table), solely down to a big drop in their advocacy score.
  • Head tennis have also dropped three points – despite Wimbledon and the conversations that generated. Interestingly, they seem to have taken a new approach with social, with a reduction in interactions on Twitter in particular.

Whilst the table has certainly seen some fluctuations through the year so far, no brand has come out as a clear winner yet – with the previous dominance of Nike even taking a hit after the World Cup.

As the summer comes to a close, we’ll be taking another look at the TouchScore Sport table – and next time we’ll be reviewing how the brands have done across the entire year to date. Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, get comfortable on your sofa and prepare for a few weeks of sporting brilliance!

Team Tamar