18 July 2014 | Team Tamar

Google Analytics Data; Anytime, Anywhere

Image of Google Analytics iOS app dashboardGoogle have been pretty busy recently, releasing 4 new iOS apps this month alone, but the most talked about has got to be the newly unveiled Google Analytics app. Finally Apple users will be able to access their Analytics data from their mobile device (in 39 languages too).

With the mobile very quickly becoming the norm, it’s a surprise to many that it took Google so long to bring this app out

Until now, the only way iOS users could access their Analytics data on mobile was to go to the mobile site or use a third-party app; not ideal. Now though, they can get all their Dashboard information quickly and easily, wherever they are.

Not only this, but the Real Time reports allow you to constantly mImage of Google Analytics iOS apponitor your website activity as it happens.

With people spending 2 hours and 42 minutes on mobile devices per day, being able to use them for more than games and online shopping will make marketers and business owners’ lives far easier.

Even when on holiday or out and about on the weekend, site owners can check their site stats quickly without it disrupting their day. Anally retentive analysts rejoice!

On the other end of the “about bloody time” spectrum, is Facebook’s “Facebook Mentions” app, which allows celebrities and public figures to monitor and respond to mentions and conversations about them.

Screenshot from the new Facebook Mentions appIs this Facebook’s attempt to lure more celebrities to Facebook to keep it “cool”? Or just a gimic invented by a developer who wanted to expand their little black book?

Either way, this month seems to be all about being able to monitor your online presence, whether that’s through a website or a social media profile. Transparency win!


Team Tamar