12 June 2014 | Team Tamar

TouchScore Sport and SocialCup: the Twitter World Cup table


TouchScore Sport 2014

Back in February we introduced you to our “TouchScore Sport 2014” project – a year-long initiative to track how effectively the biggest sporting brands in the UK are capitalising on 2014’s amazing year of sport.

When we conducted our first benchmark report before the Sochi Winter Olympics, Nike were riding high in the table with 73 out of 100 – with Umbro (72) close behind in second place. The rest of the Top 10 was made up by Adidas (68), Under Armour (66), Head (65), Reebok (61), Mizuno (61), Asics (59), Puma (58) and Fila (53).

In the following 4 months we’ve seen a wealth of major events in the world of sport. We started with the Winter Olympics over in Sochi, but we’ve also had the Australian Open in Tennis, the American Super Bowl, the Six Nations rugby, the London Marathon and a whole lot of others.

Needless to say, there has been plenty of opportunity for sporting brands to build and expand their social media reach during the first half of 2014. So how have they done so far?


(Click the image above to check out the table)

Whilst Nike is still in the top spot (and indeed have improved their TouchScore by 4 points) the rest of the table has moved around quite a bit. Some brands have taken a tumble (Umbro in particular) but the biggest story is Puma, who have jumped to second place in the table with a TouchScore improved by 16 points.

So what have Puma been doing to see such a rise? Well, they’ve improved in almost every area. Their social channels are being more widely promoted, both onsite and off. Their following has grown on a number of channels (including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook) and their advocacy has improved significantly.

With over a month of football ahead of us, we’ll be checking the table again at the end of the World Cup, so we’ll be keen to see whether Umbro can maintain this upward momentum – or whether other brands will rise up to beat them.

Social Cup Twitter Table

CaptureAs well as an update to TouchScore sport, we’ve also brought back our Twitter league table which created a lot of buzz during the Olympics. Our team have researched, refined and tracked every single player who has made it to the final 32 teams – a whopping 433 footballers.

The World Cup Twitter table will be updated on a daily basis, allowing us to track which players are seeing the benefit of the increased global exposure – and how they’re capitalising on this exposure through Twitter.

The tables we ran during the past two Olympic games highlighted some really interesting trends. Back during London 2012 the biggest gains were seen by the big names, but the biggest growth in terms of percentage went to less well-known athletes like Gemma Gibbons (Judo), Kristian Thomas (Gymnastics) and Max Whitlock (Gymnastics).

And it wasn’t just medals that lead to increased social exposure either – events on and off the track (both good and bad) leads to some surprising movements – and even a few shocking drops.

As well as our own thoughts and theories, we’ve asked some of the UK’s most well-known sporting bloggers for their opinion on what changes we’ll see – we’ll be sharing those in a post tomorrow.

We’ll be monitoring the table on daily basis and sharing the biggest news, movements and theories on Twitter, so make sure you’re following along with us.

Now, who’s ready for kick-off?!

Team Tamar