30 June 2014 | Team Tamar

Producing great blog content: 5 tips you can’t afford to miss


In recent years, Google’s algorithm updates (and Panda in particular) have emphasised the importance of content quality as indicators of site authority, and thus visibility in search results. Consequently, content marketing has become a very prominent aspect of digital strategies, which translates into more and more business sites producing regular blog content.


By contrast, as search engines get smarter, “black” SEO’ tricks’ have become less effective in increasing your site’s ranking potential. So what should you do and avoid doing with your blog content? Here are some pointers..

Lack of personality

One thing you should avoid is producing content which lacks personality. To put it simply, there is little point in rephrasing something which has already been covered by major online authorities, unless you’re going to put your own spin on it.

Use a different tone, be opinionated and your visitors will be more likely to return to your site and share your exciting content!

Irregular updates

Another mistake to avoid is inconsistency in your updates. You shouldn’t see content as a good SEO deed, which you upload once a quarter with a huge quantity of posts at once, if you even remember..

Equally, there is no right or wrong time to update your content, be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. But whichever you pick, you should try and be consistent so your visitors know when to return and expect new material – and Google will too.

Keep your business objectives in mind

Although content can be a great way of driving visits to your site, you need to ensure you are attracting ‘good traffic’. This is less of an issue for sites which generate profit simply based on page views.

Having said that, most e-commerce sites will aim to attract visitors who would potentially be interested in their products/services. Hence, awareness of who to attract should be central to your content strategy. In other words, you should always keep your business objectives in mind when producing content.

Engagement is key

While the quality of your content is important, the social engagement you get from it is paramount to search engine’s quality assessment. Hence, you should produce content which invites visitors to interact and comment.

Discussing hot topics and ending your posts with questions are just two great ways to increase your chances of driving engagement.

Avoid plain content

Finally, you should aim to produce exciting content using a variety of features. Incorporate videos, images and graphs in your posts, and don’t just stick to plain text content.

Plenty of studies have shown that tweets including imagery, videos and stats get far more engagement that those without. So make sure you keep this in mind when creating onsite content.

These are just a few blog management skills, but if you want help with your content marketing strategy, get in touch!

Team Tamar