30 June 2014 | Tanya Goodin

10 bite-sized social media facts from the World Cup

androidtimelinesOver half-way through the World Cup, and the way global brands have been capitalising on the event is impressive. We’ve had some innovative marketing thanks to Suarez’s bite, more Facebook conversations than the Winter Olympics, the Oscars and the Superbowl combined, and games that have generated 16million+ tweets – with impressive growth in Twitter followers from individual player accounts too.

Our two ongoing projects – the SocialCup table and the TouchScore Sport 2014 league have been producing some extremely interesting analysis and we’ve also been monitoring the news over on our Twitter feed.

Here’s a bite-size rundown of 10 of the best stories or facts that have come out of the World Cup so far:

  1. Most Tweeted

    The most tweeted-about game of the tournament so far was Brazil vs Chile this weekend, a match which ended in penalties. Whilst the extra time and penalties are sure to have had an effect, the 16.4million tweets generated as a result is no mean feat. Follow Twitter Data for more great stats on tweets.

  2. Ronaldo sells

    According to research by Repucom, Christiano Ronaldo is the most ‘marketable’ player in the world, followed by Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique. Thanks to Econsultancy for that gem.

  3. Staying at home

    An infographic created by Experian suggests the popularity of Football actually has a knock-on effect for highstreet retailers, with footfall estimated to drop by almost 25% on match days.

  4. Suarez gets snappy

    Brands made the most of the controversy over Suarez’s alleged biting incident by creating a number of great mini-campaigns. Nando’s, Snickers, McDonalds and Budweiser all created great content – the Independent ran a great summary that highlights some of the best.

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  6. Biting works!

    Whilst it might have put a few of his sponsors off, Suarez gained over half a million followers (+18%) during the first two weeks of the Tournament. Check out the SocialCup table here

  7. Neymar rules

    Suarez’s growth is put to shame by Neymar though, who has grown his following by over 1,000,000 in two weeks (+9.6%). Very impressive work for the Brazilian star.

  8. Twitter

    Whilst players and brands have been making hay while the Brazilian sun shines, Twitter themselves have also turned heads with their World Cup layout upgrade. Fans can follow all games straight from the app – go take a look if you’ve not seen it already.

  9. Facebook

    Never one to be left in the dust, Facebook have also been tracking all-things-football with their special World Cup feed. The ‘Trending Map’ is a particularly impressive feature.

  10. Biggest event ever

    According to Facebook ‘Data Scientists’, this World Cup has already generated more conversation than the Superbowl, Oscars and Sochi Olympics COMBINED. 114 million people have been taking part in the conversation to date

  11. Dualscreening

    As in previous sporting events, ‘dual screening’ is still on the rise. According to the IAB, 58% of UK football fans are now using their smartphone or tablet to follow the game at the same time as the TV – higher than fans in China, the USA and Australia.

With another two weeks of games to go, it’s safe to assume some of these stats will be beaten by then. The final game alone could generate as many as 100 million tweets given current trends.

For brands and marketers it’s evident that opportunities for capitalising on the World Cup aren’t just limited to sponsors – which is good news for those on more modest budgets. Being able to react to incidents or news quickly can produce great results (see Snickers above) and utilising the conversations being generated (in their millions) on social media is increasingly a must.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar