4 April 2014 | Tanya Goodin

Advertising Week Europe: 10 stories that made a big impact

All this week we’ve been enjoying events down at Advertising Week Europe here in London – with over 200 sessions spread over 6 locations and 4 days, the amount of discussion and debate going on has been massive.

With such a wide array of panels, seminars and debates going on, it’s impossible to attend everything – the Tamar team have been to dozens, but clearly you’re never going to be able to catch it all. Thankfully though, a number of the biggest sessions made headline news – with a few causing ripples globally.

If you’ve been following our tweets this week (or the event hashtag, #aweurope), you’ll have a pretty good idea of some of the things we saw – so as a wrap-up for the week, we thought we’d look at the 10 stories which came out of the week which you simply have to know about.


  1. Sorrell raves about native advertising

    – Marketing legend Sir Martin Sorrell took part in one of the most highly-anticipated sessions of the week, being interviewed by News Corp CEO Robert Thompson on Day 1. Sorrell dismissed the idea that ‘native content’ could be naive – but warned that consumers would soon become wary of the line between advertising and editorial. Amongst the other topics discussed was privacy, online advertising, programmatic buying and social media. Read more about his talk on Marketing Week

  2. Yannick Bolloré talks mergers

    – Havas CEO BollorĂ© (in one of his first public appearances since taking the role) talked in detail about what the Publicis-Omnicom merger means to his agency. Read more about the session on The Drum

  3. James Corden challenges creatives

    – In a session focusing on how the advertising industry can work more effectively with ‘talent’, Corden told some enlightening stories about ad campaigns he has worked on. One of them in particular (for Microsoft’s HTC phones) got a very thorough dressing-down from the actor and writer, who claims it was the “least creative thing” he’s been part of. Read more about the session on Marketing Week

  4. matt-brittin-awe

  5. Google say ‘stop worrying’

    – Google’s own Matt Brittin held a brilliant session about what is coming up in the ad industry (including some examples of Google’s own innovation), and was quizzed about the mythical ‘Year of Mobile’. Brittin responded that we should stop worrying about if/when Mobile was going to ‘go big’ and just MAKE it happen. Read more about it on The Drum

  6. Beware the Buzzwords!

    – In a crowded panel which included speakers from Visa, RSA and Burberry, the risk of following buzzwords got a lot of air-time. The pannelists discussed whether or not 2014 will finally be the year of the perfect convergence – when social, mobile and content will combine to revolutionise the ad industry. In an interesting challenge to current trends, the panel also challenged the idea of ‘Big Data’, with one being heard to comment “We have enough trouble with the little data as it is”. Read more on Brand Republic

  7. One Direction can teach us alll

    – Celebrated film-maker Morgan Spurlock took to the stage for a discussion with Dominique Delport. Reflecting on his work with the boy band for his film ‘One Direction: This is Us’ he suggested brands could learn a lot from the level of fandom seen by pop acts. Connecting with the audience, ‘giving back’ and transparency were all things that the 1D boys do well, and which us marketers should take onboard. Read more about the session on Brand Republic

  8. 1 to 1 advertising is coming

    – Philippe Botteri of Accel says that big data is driving change in the industry, moving away from segmentation and towards a place where advertising would be delivered “1 to 1”. You can watch a video of Botteri talking on YouTube

  9. coca-cola-awe

  10. Being ‘right time’ not ‘real time’

    – World Cup sponsors Coca Cola said they are hoping to bring a ‘level of restraint’ to their sponsorship of the games this year, reaching consumers at the right time, not just real-time. They are planning to utilise 14 different platforms during the tournament, incorporating social data to bring fans into the experience. Read more on Marketing Week

  11. Aha – Partridge returns!

    – Henry Normal, co-founder of the production company ‘Baby Cow’ confirmed to the Guardian that there would be a sequel to last year’s Partridge movie, ‘Alpha Papa’. A further series of online shorts and another Sky special are also planned, bringing excitement to Partridge fans everywhere. Watch the full interview on The Guardian.

  12. Google get Loon’y

    – In one of the final sessions of the week, Google UK’s Harry Davies and Dan Cobley gave a demonstration of the power of Google, highlighting the potential of the ‘knowledge graph’. One of the most talked-about sessions of the entire week, they ended with several interactive games (including a memorable, crowd-controlled game of ‘Pong’) before introducing the crowd to Google Loon. You can read all about it on their site, but below is a video they showed which demonstrates the technology quite well.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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