4 February 2014 | Tanya Goodin

Facebook: now we are TEN

20110816-112200Ten years is a long time in digital so today is a major milestone for a little site you might have heard of – Facebook is ten today.

As an agency with 18 years of history of our own, we know how few brands have survived that long online. Facebook has weathered the critics, seen-off competitors and upstarts, faced scrutiny from investors and gone through countless redesigns and tweaks. But ten years on, Mark Zuckerberg and his team now have a site which over 1.2 BILLION of us regularly visit.

1.2 Billion – that’s almost 1 in 5 people across the planet. A staggering statistic no-one could have predicted on 4th February 2004. Here are a few other Facebook facts to be amazed by:

  • According to Facebook, 50% of their users login on any one day.
  • 945 million of them regularly access Facebook through a mobile device.
  • 85% of all smartphone users have the Facebook app installed on their device.
  • 27 million FB users made an ‘In-app purchase’ during 2012.
  • Facebook’s 2013 Q4 revenue was an impressive $2.585 billion.
  • The most popular Facebook Page (“Facebook for Every Phone“) has 382million likes.

Here at Tamar, we’ve been Facebook fans for almost as long as the site has been around. We created our own Facebook page on the 7th of November 2007, though we’d already been advising our clients on how to utilise the site for well over a year at that point.

“Facebook will be bigger than Google”

– Tanya Goodin, The Money Programme, December 2007

I personally joined the site on 17th June 2007; Henry Elliss joined on 9th March 2007. As an agency and individuals we’re definitely amongst the earliest adopters when it comes to both social media and Facebook itself.

While we’re taking a walk down memory lane, here are some notable posts from Tamar’s blog, which give an insight into what the big issues were for those marketing on Facebook in those first few years:

  • Facebook for the Masses” (1st June 2007) – Our first Facebook-specific blog post, reviewing the launch of the Facebook application platform – back when the site had just 24 million users
  • Social News round-up” (24th July 2007) – a key moment in digital history (later turned in to a major motion picture) is marked, when the Zuckerberg vs Winklevoss/Narendra lawsuit was first announced.
  • Microsoft CEO thinks Facebook is ‘a fad’” (5th October 2007) – in a quote which has probably come back to haunt him numerous times, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer was quoted as saying Facebook and other social networks were “just a fad”.
  • Microsoft takes a stake in Facebook” (25th October 2007) – just weeks after Ballmer’s comment, Facebook announced that they had accepted a $15billion deal from Microsoft in exchange for a 1.6% share in the company.
  • Facebook Ads – what does it ACTUALLY mean?” (7th November 2007) – we sought to figure out what the launch of Facebook adverts would mean for the industry, amongst user-panic and worries about a sea of banner adverts.
  • New Year predictions?” (31st December 2007) – after my appearance on the BBC’s “Facehooked”, I published my first set of new year predictions, and Facebook featured heavily as you can imagine.
  • 9 Facebook Tips That You May Not Know…” (14th January 2008) – with interest in the site growing massively, we published our own tips on getting the most from the site – a post which still attracts traffic to our blog to this very day.
  • Chris Moyles Makes Waves on Facebook” (8th February 2008) – following the launch of Facebook pages for brands, we reported on which organisations were making the biggest splash.
  • Facebook Fatigue? That’s Sooo Last Month!” (22nd February 2008) – probably the first major example of the press predicting Facebook’s demise, as the phrase ‘Facebook Fatigue’ became very popular.

We’ve commented on and covered every major change in the past 10 years. And we’ve also collated and illustrated  every major change to Facebook in one comprehensive infographic – which you can view by clicking the image below:


As you can see, it’s been a busy ten years for Facebook – amazing growth, mass adoption and not without their own share of controversy and upsets. With media commentators still eager to predict the demise of the site (just last week the ‘Facebook will die-out like a disease’ story was going viral), the next ten years are sure to see their fair share of ups and downs. But one thing is for sure – with ten years under their belt and 1.2 billion users, today will certainly be a day of celebration at Facebook HQ in California.

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar