17 February 2014 | admin

5 key ways to improve your mobile seo

During the run-up to Christmas, we talked a fair bit about the value of mobile traffic to retailers. Recent findings confirm that traffic from mobile devices has almost tripled year-on-year, and now constitutes nearly 25% of the overall traffic – and more than 30% of the traffic from the search engines. If you need more convincing, here is a link to a study by the big G itself

In view of such a staggering shift in your audience behavior, it can be safely said that Mobile SEO is no longer optional.

When we say mobile SEO, we are not just talking about the ‘geeky’ mobile-specific SEO techniques; of course they are important but not a priority. What is important is that you optimise your site for the users first and the search engine traffic will follow.

Below are just a few of the factors to consider in your mobile SEO strategy


If you delve into your analytics, we are certain that you would notice the following trend: although your traffic from mobile devices continues to grow, conversion rates are dropping consistently. This is not because your mobile site is particularly poor at converting traffic (it could be on a different basis) but because mobile visitors have different needs and behave differently.

Tradedoubler research stated that nearly 71% of the smartphone users research a product on their smartphones before making a purchase decision.

Mobile phones are an extension of your connectivity and enable you to experience, share, connect and engage with people, product, brands and places in real time. What you share, engage with and distribute is actually the great quality content.

User experience

Focusing on the touchscreen experience of your users is extremely crucial for an efficient mobile site. We covered this in more detail in our mChristmas blog.

Page load speed

It is no secret that page speed is a ranking factor, and with its inclusion in Analytics and Webmaster tools, Google has gone out of their way to help webmasters to consider this in their long term strategy.

PageSpeed Insights

Local SEO strategy

Not claiming your business on Google local can be considered a school boy error in digital marketing today. However, your local SEO strategy does not just stop with you registering the business, you should encourage your customers to leave reviews, promote your stores locally – ensure you are using Google+ for business strategically. As you continue repeating these steps, your backlink profile is guaranteed to have continued natural growth.

Some SEO specific considerations

Having discussed user experience in some detail, we would like to highlight the a couple of crucial SEO elements to keep in mind for search engine visibility of your site on mobile devices –

  • URL selection: Choose carefully between adaptive or mobile specific URLs. Each of these selections have their pros and cons.
  • Meta tags: Ensure the relevant meta tags are configured accurately, especially the ones that can prevent a duplicate content scenario

As you can see, optimising your site for mobile is no longer optional. However, it is crucial that you have an ‘outside the box’ and ‘holistic’ view of your mobile marketing, keeping the consumer at the centre of your strategy.

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