28 February 2014 | Team Tamar

10 ways S.E.O. is just like S.E.X.

78gpuBecause it’s Friday, and we were feeling a little creative in the pub after work last night, we present for your approval the 10 ways that SEO is just like SEX. If we missed any good ones, let us know in the comments!

10. It’s much better when you don’t have to pay every time

Now we all know that you COULD go down the route of paying for it every time, but it’s a lot better when it all comes naturally. After all, you stop handing the money over and the results go straight away. Much better to go natural and put some love into it. Sometimes you’ll have to invest a little in the accompaniements to get there, but it’s worth it.

9. It might not be quick, but it’s worth it

Sometimes you might get quick results, but the best times come when you work up to it over a long period of time. After all, when you put in the hard work at the start, you get a much better (and longer-lasting) result at the end.

8. It’s not as good when you do it alone

Sure, you could give it a go on your own – but you get much better results when you’ve got somebody else along for the ride. Especially somebody who is experienced and can show you the ropes.

7. You get better at it with practice

The first time you try it, you might not get the best results – especially if you’re a novice. But over time you’ll pick up new tricks, learn what works and what doesn’t and you’ll be much more pleased with the end result. You’ll be a seasoned pro in no time.

6. Doing it dirty isn’t always best

You can try dirty tricks if you enjoy flirting with danger, but almost always it’ll end in tears. Don’t be the one who gets caught with their pants down – unless you don’t mind having the evidence splashed across the Internet for everyone to see!

5. Anybody can do it really

You don’t have to be a big or famous name to do it, anybody can have a go – you can even do it in your attic if you’ve got the right equipment and knowledge. Probably best to do it in private though.

4. Being sociable is important

If you ignore the impact of being sociable, you’ll lose a lot of the impact – forming long-term relationships is key to getting the great, long-term results. Nobody really wants a one-off, so start making friends and influencing people. It really helps.

3. It’s the best way to make yourself happy

Sure, there are other ways you could try to find that satisfaction you’re craving, but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s the best way to get the results you want – and hey, it’s virtually free compared to most of the other “manufactured” methods.

2. THAT awkward moment

No matter how much you try to avoid it, at some point you’ll end up having a conversation about it with your mum – and you’re bound to get flustered. Don’t worry though, she probably understands far more than she’s letting on.

1. Beware the dodgy emails

People will email you with talk of quick-fix solutions or enhancements to your performance and prowess – they’ll even make promises which sound too good to be true, often accompanied by poor diagrams of your ‘stuff’ going up. But be careful what you click on – or you could end up with a nasty virus…

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