1 November 2013 | Team Tamar

How will Google’s Hummingbird Impact Link Building?

google_hummingbird-580x334Earlier this month, we discussed Google’s latest algorithm, Hummingbird, the most influential update in the past decade. While we’ll benefit from Hummingbird’s search accuracy, rich content, and greater understanding, it’s also worth considering how it will impact link building.

How does Hummingbird impact link building?

More than ever before, link building needs to be focused on providing significant value to users. Quality is everything here! Even today, many SEOs use links to manipulate Google into thinking that their (or their client’s) website is more authoritative and helpful than it actually is. Hummingbird once again makes the end user the absolute focus of search results. We can’t trick Google anymore! Therefore, building links to poor quality content will be doomed to failure. Google will now notice high bounce rates and the lack of natural social sharing more than ever before. In a nutshell, think quality content, anticipated to meet specific needs (“long tail”) and to be authoritatively long lasting (“in-depth”)

What mistakes shouldn’t we make when link building after the introduction of Hummingbird?

It would be a mistake perceiving Hummingbird as a reason to make another update to your link building formulas. Instead, focus on solely developing great quality content, building relations with the influencers in your space, contribute to relevant online communities, ask your friends to share your valuable content and try to earn a majority of your links naturally.

To conclude…

It is clear that link building is still important and still heavily used by SEOs. However it is also clear that we need to focus on creating quality content for better search results for the end user. Hummingbird is not only there to ensure we are building high quality links but it is also there to add a definitive social layer to the search algorithm more than ever before. Bearing all the information in mind, make sure you become a link building and hummingbird expert as they will surely help your businesses prosper further.

Team Tamar