15 October 2013 | Team Tamar

Digital December: ‘Tis the Season to be Social


With 10 weeks left until Christmas, many marketers are currently snowed under festive campaign plans. And with online shopping set to increase by another 22% in Q4, it’s essential that brands are ready to capitalise on customers across their digital marketing channels.

facebook-christmas1_117310887Last week, we looked at SEO and shared 10 tips on how brands can get their websites search-ready for December. This week, we’ll be addressing social media, particularly looking at how brands can use their social profiles to create holiday buzz while making sales.

Set Objectives, Be SMART

Having a clearly defined set of objectives prior to kicking off your Christmas campaign will motivate your team and give them a sense of working towards something – and an even greater sense of accomplishment providing they meet their targets.

First and foremost, brands should ask themselves: what does a successful social campaign look like and moreover, what metrics define success?

More sales – revenue?
Customer engagement – referrals, retweets and social sharing?
Community growth – social media following and retention?

Once your metrics have been decided – set SMART objectives. So if “community growth” is your success metric…

  • Specific: Grow Facebook community
  • Measurable: Increase Facebook community by 1000 fans
  • Achievable: Increase Facebook community by 10%
  • Realistic: [A case study of a competitor who as achieved a similar objective]
  • Time-related: By December 31st 2013

Deck Your Visuals with Bells and Holly

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+ offer valuable real estate in the form of profile, background and cover/header images, which provides brands with a great opportunity to create festive visuals. It’s worth mentioning, however, that Facebook does not allow brands to disclose the following (via cover photos):

  • Information on discounts and prices
  • Like or share visuals, or arrows pointing to those elements in Facebook’s UI
  • Contact information (web, email, phone number)
  • Language that encourages content sharing e.g. “Share now”

The Gift of Giving

Christmas is a time of generosity, and therefore is the perfect occasion to offer customers exclusive discounts, promotions and “festive freebies”. Similarly, it’s also a great time to be charitable. For example, promising to donate £x per “Share” is an effective means of increasing engagement, brand awareness whilst doing a good deed.

Customer Service – Don’t Go Cold Turkey

Christmas can be a stressful period for customers and going cold turkey when they need you the most doesn’t help. Ensure that those manning your social networks are keeping a close eye on conversations so that any issues can be promptly resolved.

Social is for life, not just for…

If you’re aiming to retain customers, it’s essential that your foot remains on the social media pedal – even when the festivities are over! Continuing to post good quality content on your social profiles as well as offering worthwhile discounts and promotions will show both your new and existing customers that you appreciate them.

These are just a handful of tips that can help your brand on its way to a successful social media campaign this Christmas. Whatever your festive campaigns involve this year, make sure it’s not left until the last minute!


Team Tamar