27 September 2013 | Team Tamar

“Unconference” – Card Games and Beer Pong: A New Means of Networking in Social Media Marketing?


As the Tamar team prepared to attend events at the Social Media Week in London, there was a sense of uncertainty. Would these events simply be run-of-the-mill talks to remind us that using social media isn’t just a fancy hobby big corporations engage in to clear out surplus budgets? Would we yet again hear that a safe strategy brings little results and fails to create a strong, unique brand? Or that giving away free iPads may bring short-lived interest, but does little to build a strong rapport with users? Yes we did, and some…

Football Themed Card Games and Beer Pong

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Nowadays, social media events are different. While some may take place in a conference room or lecture theatre, a good event can equally can be held in a pub, or a bar. They can consist of top executives sharing their understanding and successes in social media while tactfully promoting their companies, but can also be based around football themed card games, iPad bar apps and intense beer pong games.

Of course, at first this may only seem like an opportunity to get boozy, but it isn’t just meaningless fun. Quirky card games, for example, are a great opportunity to break the ice and network.

Users first!

Speaking to us at an event, one organiser confessed that whilst traditional talks can certainly be very interesting and stimulating, the majority still favour the post-conference get together, where they can meet fellow experts and discuss topics of their own choice. This approach is often referred to as an “unconference”, and encourages events that are participant-driven and thus, interactive. The popularity of such events is unsurprising, as it simply reflects and adopts the strategy social media experts use themselves, namely to listen to their audience and focus on their needs and preferences.

More generally, the use of “unconference” during Social Media Week goes beyond clichés about social media marketing, and reminds us the important fact that the industry in not just about having a huge follower base. Rather, social media is about producing engaging and informative content to increase brand awareness while satisfying users’ needs.

Even if this involves organising beer pong tournaments…

Team Tamar