17 September 2013 | Team Tamar

The importance of accurate search volumes – RevenueMapper™

cartoon1A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to RevenueMapper – Tamar’s proprietary forecasting tool for projecting revenues for your search campaign. After our introductory piece, we looked in detail at one of the most important pieces of the puzzle – brand strength. You can get up to speed by reading both posts here:

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This week, we wanted to take a slightly more in-depth look at a couple of the other factors which make up the calculatio:, namely the search volumes and rankings…

Search Volumes

Despite recent efforts by Google to make the researching of search volumes even trickier, knowing how many people search for the keywords you want to optimise for is crucial to getting your SEO right. After all, there’s no point slogging your guts out to get a Page 1 ranking if you’re doing it for a keyword that nobody uses!

Before you can work out your potential revenues using RevenueMapper, you need a rough idea of the sort of keywords you want to target. Whilst the majority of the decision process will be taken care of by the limitations of your product range or web scope, you still need to add a layer of common sense on top.

One additional tip would be to be realistic about how competitive certain keywords are; being sensible at this stage could help you to plan a campaign which achieves both quick-win results AND long-term, scalable growth.


When we work out your campaigns potential using RevenueMapper, we use an algorithm (as well as some good old fashioned gut-instinct!) to work out where you could potentially rank for each of your target, tier 1 keywords.

However, there is another crucial ranking factor to consider here – where you currently rank! Unless you’re literally fresh out of the box and brand new, chances are you will already be ranking for certain keywords – even if they’re not sending you much traffic. Factoring-in where you currently rank both affects how fast you will improve AND helps to identify keywords which could see quick growth.

What else?

Next week we’ll take a look at the final pieces of the puzzle -traffic, conversion rates and revenue.

If you’ve already heard enough, though, and want to talk to one of our experts about how RevenueMapper could help your brand today, why not get in touch?


Team Tamar