6 September 2013 | Team Tamar

Tamar and Halfords win at Online Retail Awards


Yesterday was a great day for the Tamar team, as it saw us adding another trophy to our burgeoning cabinet of awards and achievements. The annual Online Retail Awards were taking place in swanky Kensington, and Tamar were nominated for not one, not two but three awards.

As well as the winning nomination for Halfords, Tamar clients sk:n were also shortlisted for our digital marketing campaign. And as if that wasn’t good enough, Tamar were also picked by the organisers to vye it out for their coveted ‘Agency of the Year’ award.

Whilst sk:n and the Agency of the Year award didn’t swing our way (this year!), the Halfords social media campaign proved to be unbeatable on the night, netting our teams a very fancy-looking plaque and some very kind words from the judges.

Here’s a summary of the campaign which won it for Tamar and Halfords, as seen in our entry document and case study:

The campaign was designed to build awareness of Halford’s ‘limited edition’ Carrera Virago bike and the Halfords brand, through an integrated social content campaign which included online video, behind-the scenes imagery, competitions and community engagement – supporting and enhancing the above the line TV content.

The campaign’s focus was to encourage consumers to choose the UK’s number 1 cycle retailer for all their biking needs. It also kick-started a brand new cycling community on Facebook for Halfords, which has gone from strength to strength.

Whilst the ultimate aim of the campaign was to extend the TV campaign in to social channels, there were a number of specific objectives set at the start of the campaign. These included:

  • Achieve 100k views of the online-only “Tour de Francis” documentary video.
  • Increase engagement on Halfords’ social communities, aiming for a ‘Talking about this’ metric of over 1k on Facebook.
  • Add 5,000 new fans to the Halfords Cycling Facebook community.
  • Build the Halfords CRM database through competitions and promotions supporting the campaign.

The successful achievement of the goals would ultimately help to drive awareness, traffic and exposure to the Halfords brand.

The results:

The full 15-minute ‘Tour de Francis’ documentary achieved almost 100,000 views during the 3 weeks of the campaign, including over 27k on YouTube and 62k views on Vimeo. The Halfords Cycling Facebook community grew by over 6,500 members in the 3 weeks, with a peak ‘Talking about this’ metric of 2,905 – over 50% of the community at the time. To give some context, most brands struggle to achieve a ‘Talking about this’ metric of more than 2% on a daily basis.

  • Content created on Facebook to support the campaign received over 3,200 comments, with the page itself being viewed over 31k times in 3 weeks.
  • Two competitions held on Facebook received over 7.5k visitors and 4k entries.
  • 5 x return on Marketing Investment
  • Awareness (Impressions) up 94% year-on-year and Interaction (CTR) up 47%, compared to 2011
  • Facebook referrals to Halfords saw an increase of 16% over the TDF period which continued into Olympics (20%)

You can find out more about the campaign, including what results we achieved and how this affected Halfords, by speaking to Helen Booth today. Perhaps we could be winning awards for you, too?


Team Tamar