3 September 2013 | admin

How do you project revenue potential from SEO? Introducing RevenueMapper™

SEO Is Here To Stay, It Will Never Die” – Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land

A common challenge that SEOs often face is educating their clients (both existing and potential) to help them understand why optimising for improved search engine rankings is a long-term but very wise investment – we’ve all been there!

This month, we are opening the doors on our bespoke SEO forecasting tool, RevenueMapper™, for the first time. RevenueMapper™ draws on our 18 years of experience in search engine marketing to help enable brands to successfully project what their revenue potential is from SEO over a 12 month period.

How does it work?


RevenueMapper™ works by looking at the following:

Brand Strength

Different brands have varied click-through rates depending on how recognisable a brand is. This is what we call Brand Strength. To determine a brand’s ‘Brand Strength’ we compare their historical click-through rates against industry standards.

Search Volume

At the core of RevenueMapper’s™ forecasting power is ‘Search Volume’. These are the top 300 keywords, so the most popular search terms driving traffic to a brand’s site. It’s the average popularity of these keywords that enable us to determine a brand’s overall traffic potential.


Rankings alone are not everything, but they are extremely important and as you would expect, there is a correlation between rankings and click-through rates. RevenueMapper™ looks at the average rank of your top 300 target keywords to help us project traffic.


The brand strength, search volumes and ranking data allows RevenueMapper™ to calculate non-branded traffic.


At last we get to revenue! The figure that everyone wants to know and whether you’re a brand, working for a brand or its agency, this is the figure we all work towards. Conversion rates, average order value, seasonality and of course traffic, enables us to forecast revenue with confidence.

What can RevenueMapper™ do for you as a brand?

“RevenueMapper™ plays an integral role in how we plan campaigns. It enables our clients to understand how SEO can contribute to their bottom line vs. other marketing channels and enables us to present forecasts with confidence.” – Helen Booth, Business Performance Director, Tamar.

If you would like to find out more information on RevenueMapper™, please get in touch.