21 August 2013 | Team Tamar

TouchScore™ – how can you get consumers to interact with you online? | Sports Nutrition

If you have been following our blog in recent weeks then you should be familiar with TouchScore™ – a robust and future-proof holistic social measurement tool, which we built.

In short, TouchScore™ allows brands to compare themselves against competitors using the following criteria (comprised of 100 different metrics and measurements):

  • Visibility: how visible your brand is to consumers online, in the places they are most likely to be looking.
  • Involvement: the degree to which your brand involves themselves with customers through social channels.
  • Participation: consumers’ ACTIVE interaction with the brand (beyond just buying it).
  • Advocacy: the degree to which your brand is positively or negatively recommended by consumers.
  • Commitment: a strong predisposition to choose your brand above other competitors in the market.

Having previously looked at looked at visibility and involvement, this week we’re going to look at participation, particularly within the sports nutrition/supplements industry.  Then, we’ll discuss how these businesses (and even yours!) can attract and encourage interaction with their/your own brand.

The spidergram below looks at the following key players in the sports nutrition/supplement industry: Maximuscle, Optimum Nutrition, Myprotein and CNP Professional.


As mentioned earlier, participation addresses “consumers’ ACTIVE interaction with the brand (beyond just buying it)” and looks at factors such the size of a social community, so Facebook page likes, Twitter followers and tweet reach, YouTube views and more.

In terms of participation, Maximuscle, Optimum Nutrition and Myprotein are relatively competitive with all 3 brands scoring 72, 75 and 67, respectively. CNP Professional, however, is lagging behind with a score of 54.

So how could a brand like CNP Professional go about improving their participation score?

  • Give people a reason to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Post useful, interesting, engaging and if possible, exclusive content that people are going to be lured to.
  • Invest in high-quality video content. Video makes for a great piece of digestible content and if interesting/engaging enough, has high shareability too. More shares = more views.
  • Keep an ear/eye out get stuck in. Posting content is bog-standard. Awesome brands will keep a close eye on evolving discussions on their pages, and will not hesitate to get stuck in. In other words, become notorious for first-class customer service and fans will recommend your brand to their friends, which in turn will encourage community growth.

If you want to measure and develop effective brand-consumer relationships in digital, get in touch and find out how this unique and valuable proprietary tool can help you develop your future brand strategy.


Team Tamar