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Tamar supports The Prince’s Trust in highlighting the exam pressure on young people

Sarah Graveling
Sarah Graveling
Creative Director
22 August 2013

Last week, youth charity The Prince’s Trust launched a piece of research, based on interviews with 2,342 16-25-year-olds, revealing the effect of poor exam results on young people’s futures.

The research found that one in three young people with fewer than 5 GCSEs graded A*-C expects to “end up on benefits” while young people with few qualifications were twice as likely as their peers to believe that they will “never amount to anything”.

Tamar helped the awareness campaign by bringing the research to life with a supporting infographic displaying the key emotional messages from the research in a simple and friendly way.

As we enter our fifth year working with The Prince’s Trust, we’re still incredibly pleased to be able to support them with their digital campaigns,” comments Tamar’s CEO Tanya Goodin. “This latest research highlights some of the stresses young school leavers face today, particularly in entering the world of work. The infographic to accompany the research marks just one of the many projects we’re hoping to work together on over the coming year.

Paul Brown, Director of Marketing and Communications, The Prince’s Trust, said: “Thousands of young people’s ambitions are crushed by poor exam results each year. Our research highlights the need to support young people who are worried about their future and help them move into jobs and training. Tamar has created a fantastic infographic that has helped us to convey our research findings in a clear and concise way – we are extremely grateful for their support.

Princes Trust Future Aspirations

The research is part of The Prince’s Trust Summer Sessions campaign, supported by HSBC, to inspire young people who are worried about exam results, struggling to find work or feeling hopeless about the future.

The Prince’s Trust supports disadvantaged young people, more than half of whom have left school with few qualifications. The youth charity runs intensive training schemes for struggling school leavers, giving them the skills and confidence to find work. Three in four young people on Prince’s Trust schemes move into work, education or training.

Find out more on The Prince’s Trust website.



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