8 July 2013 | Team Tamar

YouTube Pro… The Rise of Bloggers and YouTubers.

Remember when bloggers would make videos of themselves messing around as an entertaining hobby to share with friends? It seems those days are long gone. Today, bloggers and YouTubers can potentially have the biggest influence over your target customers…

YOUTUBEEEPopular bloggers and YouTubers set themselves up by creating videos on areas that they are passionate about, as well as commenting on other similar videos. They often share their personal opinions and ideas and will sometimes gain thousands, or even millions of followers in the process.

Although this platform only gives them an audience (and doesn’t create advocacy alone), popular blogs and channels can be capable of swaying what a consumer perceives a product or brand to be and ultimately what purchases they may later make. Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence report showed that 31.1% of consumers now depend and rely on blogger advice and suggestions. The reason of course is that bloggers tend to be very honest and sincere so are assumed to be more trustworthy.

These talented individuals can become your biggest brand ambassadors without you even knowing them. However, this means if they experience poor customer service or are unhappy with a service or product they receive from your brand in particular, everything could instantly go ‘viral’ – and not in a good way.

The rise of the YouTuber

Youtube have taken heed of this, and they are planning to launch a video series with a distinct focus on user generated content. Thus, making it easier than ever before to understand how to turn a ‘hobby’ into a potential full time career. YouTube recently revealed that there is now 100 hours of video uploaded every hour to the site. Now they want to go further through focusing on programming and original content.

Introducing YouTube Pro

A few years ago, you may remember it was revealed that YouTube had helped a number of ‘content partners’ to create content for their YouTube channel. YouTube Pro offers content partners the filming equipment and talent needed to produce compelling shows. This YouTube pro video series it set to contain four videos on different relevant topics, beginning with ‘Working with Advertisers’ with the aim to help people make their living from YouTube.


This is a great opportunity for individuals who think they could excel their YouTube channel into a career. This ultimately means that brands will need to be more aware of how their target consumers are potentially being influenced, and remember that buyer persuasion can come from YouTubers they may not know of until the damage is done. This is why brands need to be more aware of these platforms and what is being said about them, everywhere.

This is a particular concern for brands within certain spaces including retail, entertainment, food and drink where the use of these channels is most popular among viewers. Another thing to remember is that if your brand does provide an unsatisfactory service, product, or experience for the YouTube content partner, they will need to consistently be sure that they provide beyond excellent customer service to rectify an issue before it’s too little, to late.

Team Tamar