23 July 2013 | Team Tamar

A new #royalbaby Tradition… Social Media Announcements and Reactions

It’s a BOY!

After weeks of #thegreatkatewait, with Tamar Towers joining the world on #royalbabywatch we were all incredibly excited when the news that our future King had been born yesterday. How did you find out? Were you one of the 19.4 million unique global browsers on the BBC website? A day when the BBC website saw the most global visits ever. Maybe you were sat at home watching live coverage, or perhaps you just happened to be outside Buckingham Palace, or were you one of the millions on Twitter?

New Mother and Father Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge chose to wait 4 hours after the 8 st 6lb royal baby boy was born to announce the news, spending a time as a new family before even telling the Queen. Another royal first was made when they chose to tell the world via Clarence House Email and Twitter FIRST.

Since it was announced yesterday morning at 7.37am via the Clarence House official twitter account that the Duchess of Cambridge had been admitted to hospital as she was in the early stags of labour, the news of this had more than 2 million mentions. The hash tag #Royalbaby has been used more than 900,000 times since yesterday morning. Then at 8.35pm when the birth was announced on Twitter there were more than 25,300 Tweets per minute mentioning the royal baby.


The official account of the Queen and Prince Philip was used to express their delight over their new grandchild. Whilst across the globe high values of celebration were spread across Twitter, the highest volumes outside the UK coming from the USA, Canada, France and Italy. announcements. The BBC website not only saw the highest global traffic ever, but they also had 10.8 million UK visitors anticipating and celebrating the birth of our future King.

british monarchyWhen the world saw the baby for the first time there were 18,000 Tweets per minute, a figure which we imagine will go up when the Prince of Cambridge is called for his first royal photocall in around two weeks time.

Royal Baby on Facebook 

Although the official announcement was made first through Twitter, there has also been a lot of talk surrounding the royal baby on Facebook too. Following the announcement, Facebook have published their data on conversations surrounding the royal baby on the platform.

Since the Duchess of Cambridge went into labour there have been over 19 million mentions on Facebook, and within 1 of hour of our future King being born there were over 1 milion mentions of this momentous occasion. The mentions weren’t just in the UK they were in fact all over the world. Of course, the UK had the most mentions, then followed by U.S, Canada, Italy and France.

Interestingly, Facebook have also published data on who was mentioning the baby. The largest number of mentions came from 25-34 year old women, followed by women age 18-24, men 18-24 and then in fourth place was women 45-54.

Check out our RoyalBaby Infographic…featuring George Alexander Louis, Prince George of Cambridge.


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