10 June 2013 | Team Tamar

Tamar18 – How we’re celebrating

18-InstagramLike anyone approaching their 18th birthday we’re getting increasingly more excited for the big day. In case you haven’t been following our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook updates, or you haven’t downloaded our fantastic digital milestone app ‘Tamar18’, it’s only 8 days to go…

Everyday we’ve been using different photo editing apps to Photo-share the countdown. We’ve also asked some of the Tamar team to answer the question:  ‘What I wish I’d known at 18…’ – and we’ve had some great responses so far! Check out the great photos, and tells us what you’ve learnt since you were 18.

Join us in counting down to this huge milestone with our Digital Milestone app – #Tamar18. We did some research and spoke to 50 industry experts to bring you the top 18 moments in Digital that have happened since Tamar was founded. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, we’ve summarised 10 of the milestones so far.

The 10 milestones in digital that have already appeared in the app:

18. 2006: The billionth song – ‘Coldplay’s Speed of Sound’ – is purchased from iTunes

17. 2003: Myspace launches. Do you remember social media before Facebook and Twitter? The biggest moment for this company (which is now co-owned by Justin Timberlake) was rebranding as a music social network. Do you still use it?

16. 2001: The birth of the online Encyclopedia. Simple idea yet has only been around for 12 years.  Wikipedia, currently has over 26 million articles online.

15. 2012: Want a better looking photo and quickly? What do you do? If you’re like most people, you Instagram it. Since being bought by Facebook in 2012 (for $1 billion) Instagram has gone mainstream and soared in popularity. You certainty don’t need a ‘Mayfair’ filter to make Instagram look good!

14: 1995: The now defunct New Media Age released its first issue in 1995, but after 11 years printed its last issue in 2011.

13: 1999: Web 2.0 was launched, changing the way software developers and end-users use the web.

12:. 2010: Being massive Apple lovers here at Tamar, this launch was particularly exciting: The launch of the iPad, signalling a change in how we view on the move connectivity. If you don’t have one I bet you wish you did?

11: 2001: The first handheld device from Apple was created, changing the way we listen to and buy music forever…Of course, the launch of the iPod.

10: 2006: How many times do you update your Facebook? Can you remember before when it was only available to those on university networks? Its success has soared since then, with their billionth user on the horizon…

9: 2000: Virgin Media introduced broadband to the UK. Which meant goodbye to minutes waiting for pages to load, and hello to fast connection.

8: 1997: Now one of the top 100 most viewed websites in the world, BBC online launched in 1997 and included what soon became one of the worlds most trusted news sources.

Download Tamar18 now for daily updates as we begin the final 8 days in our countdown to our birthday. This week we’ll be celebrating with the team…


Team Tamar