24 June 2013 | Team Tamar

Make the most of YouTube as a Social Media platform…

Make the most of YouTube as a Social Media Platform…

We love to set challenges here in the Tamar office – it has been said on more than one occasion that we’re quite a competitive bunch…! We like a good inter-office challenge – partly for a bit of competitive fun, but always highlighting an important message.

This month’s team challenge came from a desire to further our understanding of the growing importance of YouTube and video. Viral video is a massive phenomena and can be used to portray any message. We have all seen YouTube sensations such as ‘Charlie bit my finger’ and ‘Evolution of Dance’ – and with the introduction of Vine and Instagram video it has become easier than ever before to create and share videos.

So, in order to help people in the office learn what makes a video popular we set ourselves a task. Create a video that lasts up to 1 minute on anything – anything at all. We’re competing to see which of our videos performs best by the end of June.

The original idea for my own video (created jointly with my colleague Siobhan) was to show the use of Social Media in our daily lives, however with just a minute to capture this and our busy working schedule we didn’t achieve this. So it turned into my colleague Siobhan and I making fun of ourselves…we wanted to make you laugh WITH us. We do of course spend most of our time working and swotting up on work, but occasionally we do like play as hard as we work too (on the weekends of course)!


Keep watching our TamarTV channel for more video uploads…

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