10 May 2013 | Team Tamar

This week’s digital stories that caught our eye…

#TGIF Weekly roundup of some eye catching stories in digital. Just in case you missed them…

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  1. A month in the life of Twitter: No, this wasn’t an experiment to see which brand spammed your news feed the most, who had the best #competition, who made the trending topics or what your friend did at the weekend…This was a survey created by Kalev Leetaru  that took place in October/ November 2012. In this time 1.5bn tweets were streamed by 71.3m unique users, to find out the networks/distribution of languages. Essentially who tweets the most. According to the survey 38% of all tweets sent are English, in fact it is shown that English is still spoken in all of the countries. 11% were Spanish and 6% were Portuguese. Far sparser tweeting was seen in Eastern Europe, compared to Western. 
  2. Facebook Dilemma: Unfortunately Facebook isn’t always just a ‘nice’ place for brands to engage with their fans / you to communicate with your friends – sometimes it can be abused.  This is the news that Facebook removed a horrific video showing people being decapitated, and the quandary it has now put them in: Should or shouldn’t Facebook impose a wider censorship policy? Now more videos have been highlighted, Facebook has to decide if stricter controls are necessary, and the potential backlash they could also receive from this move, in terms of Freedom of Speech.  Sometimes sharing potentially shocking content is necessary, such as those involved in the Boston bombing, posting videos of the explosions – and Facebook don’t want to have to remove the video in those situations. Context evidently matters a lot; if Facebook are going to have to impose restrictions then assessing content will require constant refinement to ensure that freedom of speech is protected.
  3. HomeFacebook Home: You may remember our blog ‘Facebook  Home: Another Tech Tweak?’, well believe it or not a whole MONTH has passed since its release. You were skeptical, we were skeptical, in fact they were probably skeptical .. But, Facebook Home just hit 1 million downloads. Facebook is currently holding a number of Facebook Home review meetings regarding its success, engagement and improvements that need to be made. The app will be updated every month from now on, to increase the levels of use and increase its current 2.2 star rating on Google Play. Many questions regarding its success are still left unanswered but its progress is certainly one to watch…
  4. Paying for YouTube: There were rumours, lots of people speculated (including us), and then last night Google announced that YouTube have joined the likes of Amazon and Netflix in the paid channel offering. To begin with the subscription charges will appear for a diverse 53 of its channels. The cost of subscriptions will start at 64p, although all channels will offer a free 14 day trial and discounts. Payment will be taken through Credit card or Google’s own wallet service. YouTube have said that this is just the beginning and to expect more paid channels rolling out soon. This is a big change for what was a free to watch service. We look forward to seeing IF this affects other services such as Netflix, if it benefits smaller YouTubers and the uptake of the service.  It could all be down to how the billion monthly world users view the move.

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